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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

The Chart is being stretched for no possible reason ....

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I am using Data streaming charts to show dynamic update from a database .... when the data is not being pulled in real time the chart displayed is perfect ....




But when the data is being pulled in real time .... the chart looks over stretched ..




All the attributes are similar except those which are necessary for real time update ....




Chart Attributes for Normal Chart :::







Chart Attributes for Real Time Data Chart :::







Attached are the Real time chart and Normal Chart for Comparison ....


Also following code renders the chart for both the types .... i.e normal and Real Time







What Am i missing or doing wrong ?




Thanks a million in advance ....








I've put my code in


code tags still they are not showing up .... Please bear with me ...



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Guest Rajroop

Hi Chinmayu,




I'm afraid the only difference between the Line Chart and the Real-time Line chart is that of the flow in data, in case of the Real-time Line Chart. The display of the Real-time Line Chart would solely depend on the data that is passed to the chart and plotted.




In case, you would want to change the way the Real-time Line is plotting on the canvas, there are a few ways to 'tweak' this. :D




1. You could try and set a higher upper limit of the Y-Axis so as to make the Line appear centric in its display on the chart.




2. You could also use numDisplaySets attribute to set a lower number of data items that you want as history on the chart. This will help in a less 'stretched' display of the line.




I hope this helps. :D

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Thanks for your response ...




But i was more kinda concerned about the outlines .... and the horizontal colored sections .... they are stretching outside the designated area ....




Why the real line graph is skewed ...




Its like the chart is going outside the chart container ......

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal





Could you please send us the XML code for the real time graph?




Awaiting for your reply.:D

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