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How to round off Tick mark values in Angular Gauge

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Hi all,




I have a problem in tick mark values in Angular gauge. when the upper limit and lower limit attributes comes around millions , those values are not able to rounded off






even if I add the attribute formatNumberScale="1"




please see my XML code below






























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Guest Rajroop





Could you please post your XML as an attachment on this Forum.




I apologize for the inconvenience. Eagerly anticipating your reply. :)

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<Chart bgColor="AEC0CA,FFFFFF" fillAngle="45" upperLimit="3263563533444444"   lowerLimit="236356353344444" majorTMNumber="4" majorTMHeight="8" showGaugeBorder="0" gaugeOuterRadius="140" gaugeOriginX="205" gaugeOriginY="206" gaugeInnerRadius="2"  formatNumberScale="1" numberPrefix="Rs" displayValueDistance="45" decimalPrecision="0" tickMarkDecimalPrecision="0" pivotRadius="17" showPivotBorder="1" pivotBorderColor="000000" pivotBorderThickness="5"  pivotFillMix="FFFFFF,000000"> 
<color minValue="160000000000" maxValue="193000000000" code="399E38"/>
<color minValue="19300000000" maxValue="217000000000" code="E48739"/>
<color minValue="21700000000" maxValue="25000000000" code="B41527"/>

<dial value="2100000" borderAlpha="0" bgColor="000000" baseWidth="28" topWidth="1" radius="130"/>
<!-- Draw the background arcs -->
<annotationGroup xPos="205" yPos="207.5">
<annotation type="circle" xPos="0" yPos="2.5" radius="150" startAngle="0" endAngle="180" fillPattern="linear" fillAsGradient="1" fillColor="dddddd,666666" fillAlpha="100,100" fillRatio="50,50" fillDegree="0" showBorder="1" borderColor="444444" borderThickness="20"/>
<annotation type="circle" xPos="0" yPos="0" radius="145" startAngle="0" endAngle="180" fillPattern="linear" fillAsGradient="1" fillColor="666666,ffffff" fillAlpha="100,100" fillRatio="50,50" fillDegree="0"/>

Here is the xml. Please see.

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