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StrXML="<chart baseFont='Ge Inspira' useRoundEdges='1' yAxisName='NPS' legendBorderAlpha='0'><XMLResponse><categories><category label="Jul-2008" /><category label="Aug-2008" /><category label="Sep-2008" /><category label="Oct-2008" /><category label="Nov-2008" /><category label="Dec-2008" /><category label="Mar-2009" /><category label="Jun-2009" /></categories><dataset seriesName="CENTRAL ATLANTIC"><set value="86.0" /><set value="76.0" /><set value="54.0" /><set value="74.0" /><set value="88.0" /><set value="78.0" /><set value="80.0" /><set value="69.0" /></dataset><dataset seriesName="CENTRAL CORRIDOR"><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /></dataset><dataset seriesName="NORTH EAST"><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /><set /></dataset></XMLResponse></chart>";

wats wrong going in the above code?

it is throwing exception in jsp as "; Expected".

Let me know any solution.

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