FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker released

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We've just released FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker to help you easily create data-driven flash maps within your FileMaker solutions.

FusionMaps Pro for FileMaker boasts of the following features: 

  • Animated and interactive maps inside your FileMaker Pro solutions. 
  • 186 maps supported, including all continents, US counties, European countries and other major countries of the world. 
  • No external plug-ins, No drivers, No server software required. Simple copy & paste installation. 
  • No internet connection or annual subscriptions - everything stays on your machine locally and works as and when you need it. 
  • Cross platform solution that works with any installation of FileMaker (Version 8.5 or above). 
  • Uses built-in features of FileMaker - no need to learn anything new. 
  • Easy to customize each and every facet of the maps, including all cosmetics. 
  • Markers and Marker Connectors supported to pin-point locations like cities, offices, malls etc. on the map. 
  • Visual GUI makes it easy to create the maps in a WYSIWYG environment. 
  • FusionMaps Library with lots of ready-to-use FileMaker scripts useful to create data-driven maps. 
  • Lots of ready to use examples and code samples. 
  • Extensive documentation 
  • Cost effective licensing.

You can download the no-restriction trial from

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