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I have a page with 5 graphs. All of them should exported as PNG. Everything is OK, images are stored, but when captures process finished and some time passes (about 2 seconds) I get an JS error like on screen-shots below. I guess it's related with callback function.












I need to use that callback function now, but haven't added any params for it. So, my XML file looks like this:




chart yAxisName="Weight, kg" caption="Weight change" subcaption="Week 42 progress" numberPrefix=""

useRoundEdges="1" bgColor="FFFFFF,FFFFFF" showBorder="0" exportEnabled="1" exportAtClient="0" exportAction="save"


  set label="Start" color="4f81bd" value="90"

  set label="Current" color="c00000" value="85"





Defining function FC_Exported like this:


FC_Exported = function(a, b, c, d, e)




doesn't help. 

Advise, please.

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Oh... this is a notorious error! Kindly check whether your FCExporter.php contains any new-line character either before or after the <?php ... ?> code-block! :)

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Thank you very much. I've fixed this in whole included library called Smarty, which had the closing bracket and then new-line in every of 50 files but it didn't helped. But you gave me the idea why it can happen, so I've quickly found problem. It was chmod command which produced some type of notice. So thanks again.

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