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Guest Basundhara Ghosal

Not able to view my Fusion chart

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Version information:




Fusion charts version V3


Flex builder - 3


OS - Mac




Here is my folder structure




- bin-debug


- com


- vmturbo


- data


- fusioncharts


- html-template


- FusionCharts.swf


- playerProductInstall.swf


- UIMain.swf


- libs


- FusionCharts.swc


- src


- com


- vmturbo


- data


- fusioncharts




Is this the expected structure?


My code compiles but when I run it no chart is displayed. The other standard flex components are displayed


correctly in the view.


I am defining the following in my mxml file. I am trying to use a fusion chart instead of the standard flex column chart but when I run my application, nothing is displayed.




Please help me resolve this issue. This is a blocker for my evaluation of the Fusion charts product.


I see that the namespace says "com.fusioncharts.components". However there is no components subdir inside my fusioncharts dir. I tried creating one, but even that did not resolve the issue.








xmlns:mx="" xmlns:ns1="com.fusioncharts.components.*"




private var chartData:XML=
























//Create a XMLList object for chart parameters






private var chartParams:XML=





xAxisName='ServiceEntity' yAxisName='Commodity'


numberPrefix='$' showValues='0' />







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Here are my latest findings.


I am able to display the chart fine if I put it in my main application window.


However that is not where I want to display it. I need to display it within a set of containers.


So it needs to be displayed inside a container derived from a flex VBox component.


However in this case, it is unable to display the fusion chart.


We have a PodContentBase_RemoteObject which derives from a VBox.


I have placed the FusionChart directly under this container.




?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


xmlns:mx="" xmlns:ns1="com.fusioncharts.components.*"


width="100%" height="100%">


Is this a known issue? I.e. are there know issues with displaying the fusion charts inside of a container such as one derived from VBox?




We are very close to making a decision about using Flex but if we cannot display it in our container it is a non-starter for us. Please respond to this query as soon as possible.







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Guest Madhumita





Could you please confirm if you are using the SWC and SWF files provided in the Download Package for Flex?




The SWF files for FusionCharts V3 will not work for FusionCharts for Flex.

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Guest Basundhara Ghosal



FusionMaps for Flex is now out of Beta.


We are happy to release FusionMaps for Flex v1.0 - animated, interactive and dynamic maps for your Adobe Flex Solutions.


FusionMaps for Flex boasts of the following:


* Provides over 314 maps including all continents, countries, US states, and states/counties of a lot of other countries.

* Supports dynamic-resizing.

* API for Drill-down, mouse interactivity, export etc.

* Custom Markers, shapes, connector lines.

* Works with Flex Builder 2, Flex Builder 3 and Flash Builder 4 (Flex SDK 2/3/4).

* Simple copy-paste style installation.

* Lots of code samples and extensive documentation.



You may download the beta from


You may see the online demos at : or


You may see all the map using our interactive Map Explorer.


To read more on how to use FusionMaps for Flex, you may also visit the Online Documentation at


Your feedback is VERY important to us and we would love to hear any suggestions, complaints, modifications, feature requests, compliments etc.


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