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How do I make all the pie charts the same size ?

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I am using coldfusion to create fusioncharts pie charts. One application will produce three pie charts, each with its own query. So I have query, then output, query, then output, and query, then output. I use the renderchart command and this is the code for all th three charts (chart name, etc. are different) :

#renderChart("http://#cgi.SERVER_NAME#/Fusion/charts/Pie3D.swf", "", strXMLPie1, "AirGround", 600,600, false, false)#

My problem is that the three pies seems to be coming out in different sizes. For example, the first pie might be smaller in diameter than the other two, or the third pie might be larger in diameter than the other two. Everytime I run my application, the pies are always different sizes.

What do I have to do to make each pie come out the same size ?

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Guest Madhumita


Could you please try fixing the pie radius for each chart using the pieRadius attribute in the <chart> element and see if this helps?

Awaiting your reply.

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