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Invalid data instead of a chart using a Dataurl value containing '&'

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I use the dataUrl parameter to render a chart using the multipleAxis swf. This works fine. Now I want to send a parameter to the server side script which retrieves the xml for the swf. This in order to create multiple charts for a single page request. To differentiate between charts I add "&id=" to the dataUrl parameter where is a uuid.


So my DataUrl parameter reads like this:








Instead of a nice graph the swf now displays an "invalid xml data" error message.




This is strange because if I use the url by itself in a new tab the xml data loads with no problem.


So it is retrieved but the flash file refuses to read it.




I have no clue as to what may cause this but wonder -after quickly looking at another related post - if this has to do with the '&' in the url? If so, how can I use a parameter in calling the data for the swf file in the way described?









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Hi Marc,


If you get an "Invalid XML Data" message, it means that the XML data document is malformed. Check it for common errors like:

1. Differences in case of tags. e.g., <chart> should end with </chart> and not </Chart> or </CHART>

2. Missing opening/closing quotation marks for any attributes. e.g., <chart caption=Monthly Sales' ..> should be <chart caption='Monthly Sales' ..>

3. Missing closing tag for any element. e.g., <set label='Services' value='26' > should be <set label='Services' value='26' />

4. If you're using any special characters in your XML, make sure they're properly encoded. e.g., in dataXML method, % needs to be encoded as %25, & as %26 and so on. In dataURL method, you can provide most of the characters directly, without the need to encode.

5. In dataXML method, check for conflict of ' (XML Attribute Character) and " (HTML Parameter Character). e.g., if you're using direct HTML embedding method, and using " for HTML parameters, then you need to make sure that all your XML attributes use ' as containers.

In case the issue still persists, please send us the XML file that you are using, as an attachment.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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