jQuery Plugin for FusionCharts Free released

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Dear FusionCharts users,




We've released the beta of jQuery Plugin for FusionCharts Free. It offers the following:


- Simple functions to insert, append and prepend FusionCharts to any jQuery selection


- Easy methods to select charts using ":FusionCharts" selector


- Extensible plug-in configuration


- Easy selection of chart-types from recognizable chart aliases


- Magically convert HTML <table> into FusionCharts!




You may download the beta from




Your feedback is VERY important to us and we would love to hear any suggestions, complaints, modifications, feature requests, compliments etc.




Feel free to share your thoughts at

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Guest Rajroop

Dear FusionCharts Users,




This is to notify you that jQuery Plugin for FusionCharts has been updated to 1.0.0b2 (beta-2) with:




* Bug fix in HTMLTable data-handler extension where the first Label was ignored in Internet Explorer


* Optimized algorithm for property validation


* Miscellaneous non-API changes




You can get your hands on it at

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