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Jetspeed FusionCharts portlet

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Hello All,

Requests from several users has prompted me to create an example for using FusionCharts in Jetspeed.

Please find attached the zip file, which contains the following:

1. FusionChartsPortlet.war ( contains fusioncharts.jar also )

2. Source code for the class files

3. FusionCharts.psml

Deployment Instructions:

1. Place FusionChartsPortlet.war in deploy folder of jetspeed.

2. Place FusionCharts.psml in pages folder of jetspeed.

3. Start the server and open the portal in browser

This sample has been tested with jetspeed 2.2.

Please feel free to suggest changes/improvements.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any queries.

Hope you find this useful. :(


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