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[pending] Load new data into existing graph

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Hi, I have finaly got around to playing with jquery plugin and was wondering if this is possible yet.




I want to update a graph data using a button (test purpose) knowing that the data has been altered.




< div id='quickgraph' >


< button >load data< /button >




< div id="myChartContainer" >Loading FusionCharts!< /div >


< script type="text/javascript" >




$("button").click(function () {


$.get("/includeFile.php", {pageData: "testdata" }, function(xmldata) { $('#myChartContainer').insertFusionCharts({ data: xmldata }) }, 'xml'); });








product: 'v3',


swfPath: '/MyFCPHPClassCharts/FusionCharts/'








type: "Pie3D",


data: "",


dataFormat: "XMLData",


width: "400",


height: "300"






< /script >




< /div >






What I see is




The file is called as an XML file


GET 200 text/xml




the "testdata" file contains the xml data.




< graph caption="Pie Chart" decimalPrecision="0" showPercentageValues="0" showNames="1" numberPrefix="$" showValues="1" showPercentageInLabel="0" pieYScale="45" pieBorderAlpha="40" pieFillAlpha="70" pieSliceDepth="15" pieRadius="100" >


< set value="25" name="Item A" color="6666FF"/ >


< set value="17" name="Item B" color="AD33FF"/ >


< set value="23" name="Item C" color="19A3D1"/ >


< set value="65" name="Item D" color="FFCC66"/ >


< /graph >






The Default graph called


GET (Cache) application/x-shockwave-flash






attempt to get a file that does not exist.


GET 404 text/html (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)




the restult is a failure.




I have also tried the append/prepend.









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i think its the xml data that is wrong, i change the code to json.




$.get("/includeFile.php", {pageData: "testdata" }, function(xmldata) { $('#myChartContainer').insertFusionCharts({ data: xmldata.xmldata }) }, 'json');




and the testdata file to






$update["xmldata"] = "


< graph caption='Pie Chart' decimalPrecision='0' showPercentageValues='0' showNames='1' numberPrefix='$' showValues='1' showPercentageInLabel='0' pieYScale='45' pieBorderAlpha='40' pieFillAlpha='70' pieSliceDepth='15' pieRadius='100' >


< set value='25' name='Item A' color='6666FF' / >


< set value='17' name='Item B' color='AD33FF' / >


< set value='23' name='Item C' color='19A3D1' / >


< set value='65' name='Item D' color='FFCC66' />


< /graph >






echo json_encode($update);






the only down side is that I have to set these all the time.










product: 'v3',


className: 'myCharts',


type: 'Pie3D',


swfPath: '/MyFCPHPClassCharts/FusionCharts/',


dataFormat: 'XMLData',


width: '400',


height: '300'



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I can see that you did get it to work. Incidentally, the issue you are facing is the exact same issue we are working on!! :P




There is already a function that you can experiment with, and that is .updateFusionCharts(). This supposedly works fine with jQuery 1.3.2 but fails for a bug in jQuery 1.4.x.




The updateFusionCharts does the work of remembering the settings of an existing chart.


Lets say, you already have a chart in a division with id "myChartDiv", and you just want to update the data of the chart. What you do is:



   data: '<chart><!-- your new xml data here --></chart>'





You may send any settings, and it will simply keep the old ones and overwrite with whatever new you have sent. Furthermore, the function intelligently decides whether to re-render the chart or not! In case you update data only, it will simply change the data!




Technically, due to a bug where jQuery 1.4.x is unable to associate data with object/embed elements, we are unable to save the state of the chart.

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Hi Shamasis, thanks for the info.




I tried the update but I kept on getting error but will continue to play :P




Error: data is undefined


Source File: /js/jquery.fusioncharts.debug.js


Line: 1335






$.get("/includeFile.php", {pageData: "xmlData"}, function(xmldata) {


$('#myChartContainer').updateFusionCharts({ data: xmldata.xmldata }) }, 'json');








FusionCharts: @version: 1.0.0b2 (build: 108)


Jquery : 1.4.1

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Oh yes. That is exactly the same issue we are facing!


However, as I had mentioned earlier, try using it with jQuery 1.3.2, and it may work. :P




Also, it works to some extend with FusionCharts Free as well.

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