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Saving Fusion Chart as Graphic

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I am very interested in testing the functionality of saving a Fusion Chart as a graphic.  However, I cannot seem to find the script referenced on your site (FusionChartsSve.aspx?).  Below are all of the .aspx files that I received in the download zip.

It appears from the on-line doc and forum that I should already have this in the package I downloaded.  Can you please adivse if it is included in the Fusion Charts V3 evaluation download?  And is FCExporter the 'new' version for this, or is this something completely different?
















































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OK, digging a bit deeper, I see there is a difference between exporting images in 3.0.x and 3.1, the latter using FCExporter.*.  I have those scripts, and I'm now reading the doc for 3.1, so I think I now how have what I need.

Sorry for the distraction, I was confused because I originally found the following KB article:

which only covers 3.0.x, and doesn't mention that for 3.1 you have a completely different process.

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Guest Rajroop





Thanks for the update. :)




Glad to see that you have achieved the solution.




Happy FusionCharting. :P

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