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StCol2DLineDY population from mySql

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i'm trying to populate the dataset hopefully via the addDatasetsFromDatabase function




mysql query:




select distinct(concat(monthname(exportDate),' ',year(exportDate))) as exportDate, grouping, total from summary group by year(exportDate), month(exportDate), grouping






March 2010|g1|10


March 2010|g2|8


March 2010|g3|21


March 2010|g4|2








i'm adding March 2010 and other months via distinct(...) from another query, and i need to group g1 & g2 to the left stack, and g3 & g4 on the right stack




tnx in advance.





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This Dual Y chart does not have a right stack. The stacked chart is at the left as primary and lines can be created on the secondary or left axis. You can add an array of dataset settings where for the last two datasets you need to set parentYAxis=s

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