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Legend color not changing with the changes to the graphs

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I am trying to change the default colors on the bars of the graph:








When I run my program I see the graph with these two color series.




But the legend is not changing its colors for these added ones.


It remains to the same set which was before adding these colors, the defaul colors which fusion chart was putting in.




I also tried using:










xml:item color='8EAC41' label='X1'


xml:item color='#E19410' label='X2'








sorry Iam not able to post the xml content properly here, so I have used xml: in the front of the tags legend, item.




in the xml but I am not seeing these two colors getting reflected on the legend.




Please suggest.

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Hello Richa,

At first glance, this is what I noticed:

The color code to be given to FusionCharts should be without the # symbol. So change #E19410 to E19410.

Can you please post the entire xml as an attachment?

Can you please specify the technology you are using?

This will help in guiding you further.

Srividya :)

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