Pop-up drill-down links for data streaming charts

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I'm trying to get pop-up drill-down links working. I have them working fine for my FusionCharts ScrollColumn2D chart. I'm trying to add them to a RealTimeColumn chart and I'm running into difficulty. The documentation (http://www.fusioncharts.com/widgets/docs/Contents/DSC_Format.html) says the link can be in the FusionCharts link format for opening a new window, etc, so I assumed the format could be the same as what I am using for ScrollColumn2D.




When I feed this data to my chart:


&label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=P-logDrillDown%2Cwidth%3D800%2Cheight%3D500%2Cscrollbars%3Dyes%2Ctoolbar%3Dno-logDrillDown.php%3Fts%3D2010-05-24+18%3A50%3A01




which is the encoded form of this:


&label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=P-logDrillDown,width=800,height=500,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no-logDrillDown.php?ts=2010-05-24 18:50:01




and then click on the column in the chart, I get an error "The requested URL /P-logDrillDown was not found on this server.". It looks like it's not parsing the link to get to the actual script.




If I feed this:


&label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=logDrillDown.php%3Fts%3D2010-05-24+18%3A50%3A01




which is the encoded form of this:


&label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=logDrillDown.php?ts=2010-05-24 18:50:01




My drill down works, except that it's not opening in a pop-up, which is as you would expect.




I also tried encoding just the actual script part:


&label=2010-05-24 18:50:01.685078&value=785&link=P-logDrillDown,width=800,height=500,scrollbars=yes,toolbar=no-logDrillDown.php%3Fts%3D2010-05-24+18%3A50%3A01




with the same error as before - "The requested URL /P-logDrillDown was not found on this server."






Again, when I use the exact same link in my non-real-time chart, everything is fine. Are pop-up drill-down links supported for real-time charts?




Any help here?












ETA: I'm using the trial version. We've purchased the whole shebang, but it hasn't made it's way to me yet. If the answer is that this isn't in the trial version but is in the production version, that's fine. I can test it out when I get it.

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