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a problem when update servral charts from another chart by javascript code

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I want to  update servral charts from another chart by javascript code, it is possible?

I test it cannot, can somebody help me ? Thank you!

The javascript code is as follows:

function updateChart(strJQ){

  //DataURL for the chart

  var strURL = "data_msRiskAllArea.jsp?JQ=" + strJQ;

  strURL = escape(strURL);

  var chartObj = getChartFromId("m0");

  chartObj.setDataURL(strURL);//Send request for XML


  //DataURL for the chart

  var strURL1 = "data_VirusByArea.jsp?JQ=" + strJQ;

  strURL1 = escape(strURL1);

  var chartObj1 = getChartFromId("m2");

  chartObj1.setDataURL(strURL1);//Send request for XML  



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