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MSLine and storing the XML clientside to checkbox interaction

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I have an MSLine chart that shows three results at the same time. I would now try to add the functionality to have the user choose witch one to show (or all).

I have earlier had the user to choose a separate "product" or "all products" but would now like to integrate this to the last chart.

I'm using PHP and mySQL for the dataretrieval.

I've looked into your fusioncharts and javascript example but cant manage to get it to work. (The one where you have put your data in an array for 4 products.)

Would you mind try explain a little further how I might be able to proceed?


I have two files:

1. user.php

Contains 2 charts and javascript

First chart is an 3Dpie that the user clicks a slice to retrieve data for the second chart. This data get's URLencoded and then sent to retrieve.php.

It also contains dropdown list for all or one of the products.


Contains PHP and sql-query with variables sent with URLencode, earlier I just echoed out the $strXML, but now I want to store it in the client somehow and depending on checkboxes the user choose to use, show only chosen data.

Regards Emanuel

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Could you please do the following to achieve what you intend to?

1. Create all the XMLs for all the checkbox previously in your page as JavaScript string.

2. Then depending on the checkbox selection you have to set the xml of the chart using setDataXML()

Please refer to the following link to get further details on the setDataXMl() :


Hope this helps. :)

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Guess i'm better off showing you some of the code:

This is now the result I get into the chart:

Info: Chart loaded and initialized.

Initial Width: 899

Initial Height: 300

Scale Mode: noScale

Debug Mode: Yes

Application Message Language: EN

Version: 3.1.1

Chart Type: Multi Series 2D Line Chart

Chart Objects:






















INFO: Chart registered with external script. DOM Id of chart is DATADetailed

INFO: XML Data provided using dataXML method.

XML Data: <chart />

No Data to Display: No data was found in the XML data document provided. Possible cases can be:

There isn't any data generated by your system. If your system generates data based on parameters passed to it using dataURL, please make sure dataURL is URL Encoded.

You might be using a Single Series Chart .swf file instead of Multi-series .swf file and providing multi-series data or vice-versa.

INFO: setDataURL method invoked from external script.

INFO: XML Data provided using dataURL method.

dataURL provided: new_deal5_test.php%3Fustype%3DDT%20THORAX%26labid%3DSUASRTGCT%25%26labname%3Dalla%26datefrom%3D20100106%26dateto%3D20100806%26startage%3D0%26endage%3D100%26starage%3D2010%25%26enage%3D1910%25%26sex%3Dalla%26QUERY%3Dlike

dataURL invoked: new_deal5_test.php?ustype=DT THORAX&labid=SUASRTGCT%&labname=alla&datefrom=20100106&dateto=20100806&startage=0&endage=100&starage=2010%&enage=1910%&sex=alla&QUERY=like&FCTime=10575

XML Data: <chart outCnvBaseFont="Trebuchet MS" labelDisplay="Rotate" labelStep="4" slantLabels="1" anchorAlpha="0" caption="CT-lab:alla Us-typ:DT THORAX K

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