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Drill Down Chart Using Gxt/gwt

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I am new to FusionCharts. I am trying to create fusion charts with GXT.


I am able to create a basic pie chart with GXT. The problem is coming when I am trying to link each datapoint to a particular URL. I have gone through the documentaion of FusionCharts.v3 and followed the similar approach as it was done for HTML.


Following is the code used to generate a drill down chart. But when I click on the data point it gives 404 not found error.



public void onModuleLoad() {

Viewport viewport = new Viewport();


final PieChart chart = new PieChart();



chart.updateChartXML("<graph caption=\"Yearly sales\" xAxisName=\"Year\" yAxisName=\"Sales\">"

+ "<set name=\"2004\" value=\"37800\" link=\"newgraph-xml-2004-quarterly\" />"

+ "<set name=\"2005\" value=\"21900\" link=\"newgraph-xml-2005-quarterly\" />"

+ "<set name=\"2006\" value=\"32900\" link=\"newgraph-xml-2006-quarterly\" />"

+ "<set name=\"2007\" value=\"39800\" link=\"newgraph-xml-2007-quarterly\" />"

+ "<linkeddata id=\"2004-quarterly\">"

+ "<graph caption=\"Quarterly Sales Summary\" subcaption=\"For the year 2004\""

+ "xAxisName=\"Quarter\" yAxisName=\"Sales\">"

+ "<set name=\"Q1\" value=\"11700\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q2\" value=\"8600\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q3\" value=\"6900\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q4\" value=\"10600\" />"

+ "</graph>"

+ "</linkeddata>"

+ "<linkeddata id=\"2005-quarterly\">"

+ "<graph caption=\"Quarterly Sales Summary\" subcaption=\"For the year 2005\""

+ "xAxisName=\"Quarter\" yAxisName=\"Sales\">"

+ "<set name=\"Q1\" value=\"5500\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q2\" value=\"7100\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q3\" value=\"3900\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q4\" value=\"5400\" />"

+ "</graph>"

+ "</linkeddata>"

+ "<linkeddata id=\"2006-quarterly\">"

+ "<graph caption=\"Quarterly Sales Summary\" subcaption=\"For the year 2006\""

+ "xAxisName=\"Quarter\" yAxisName=\"Sales\">"

+ "<set name=\"Q1\" value=\"6700\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q2\" value=\"9200\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q3\" value=\"10800\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q4\" value=\"6200\" />"

+ "</graph>"

+ "</linkeddata>"

+ "<linkeddata id=\"2007-quarterly\">"

+ "<graph caption=\"Quarterly Sales Summary\" subcaption=\"For the year 2007\""

+ "xAxisName=\"Quarter\" yAxisName=\"Sales\">"

+ "<set name=\"Q1\" value=\"8900\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q2\" value=\"6600\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q3\" value=\"11200\" />"

+ "<set name=\"Q4\" value=\"13100\" />"

+ "</graph>"

+ "</linkeddata>" + "</graph>");














Error I am getting:




NOT_FOUND RequestURI=/newgraph-xml-2004-quarterly


Powered by Jetty://




Please suggest me how to make a linked chart in GWT.

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