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I have the charts integrated on my development site. Everything looks great I think, however on the homepage there are 2 small charts and they just aren't looking good...very small they aren't taking up the space provided. I removed the y and x legends and it made it at least viewable but there is still a good amount of empty space on the left side. Is there something I can do to fix this? Here are some links so you can see the chart on the homepage and see the source:

Thanks Everyone!!!



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You need to add some tweaks in the XML using chart margin attributes, font size, padding etc.


Please check:


<chart labelDisplay="WRAP" NumberSuffix="%" caption="" yAxisMaxValue="100" bgColor="FFFFFF" chartTopMargin='0' chartTopMargin='0'chartRightMargin='0' chartLeftMargin='-6' chartBottomMargin='-3' showBorder='1' labelPadding='0' YaxisValuesPadding='0' baseFontSize='9'>
<set label="YES" value="33"/>
<set label="NO" value="67"/>

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