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Vertical led - scale range fixed at 0-100?

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I am, using vertical led and trying to set the range from 0-5. Have set the min to 0 (lowerLimit='0') and the max to 5 (upperLimit='5').

However, when rendered the range displayed is 0-100. (I verified this by revealing the scale)

I have attached a screenshot & xml.

The chart is getting the realtime updates ok & the color range coding also works.

Code is below(I have inserted the line breaks) and screen shot is attached. (At a value of 4.5 out of a max of 5 I would expect most of the display to be fileld).

var chart1 = new FusionCharts("/fusion/charts/FusionCharts/VLED.swf", "ChId0", "40", "100", "0", "1");
chart1.setDataXML("<chart showLimits='1' useSameFillColor='1'   

decimals='2' adjustTM='1' showTickMarks='0' lowerLimit='0'

upperLimit='5' dataStreamURL='xxx.php?probe=leddata%26hosts=2%26metric=load1' showToolTip='1'

toolTip='1 Min Load Avg' numberSuffix='' chartLeftMargin='5' chartRightMargin='5' animation='1'

dataStamp='1191571200' refreshInterval='13'>


<color minValue='0' maxValue='1' code='00FF00' />

<color minValue='1' maxValue='3' code='FFFF00' />

<color minValue='3' maxValue='5' code='FF0000' />



How can I get the diplayed Led to only show the range 0-5 instead of 0-100?


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