Issue With Backslash In Chart's Caption

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I've got next problem - when chart's title contains backslash at the end of the caption , or if i have \" (backslash + double quotes) , FusionCharts fail to work properly


The caption is rather tricky : "/CNPL/<>" or "/New Widget<CNPL>\"



In the FireBug i get


missing ; before statementvar __flash_temp = "<chart exportEnabl...=Save as PNG|JPG=Save as JPG|GIF=Save


missing } after property listtry { __flash__toXML(FC_ImageStreamRea...350;_350;_350;_350;_350;_350;_350;_350


missing } after property list_350",caption:"\"/CNPL/<>\" or \"/New ...}))) ; } catch (e) { "<undefined/>"; }---------

Thanks in advance, for the solution.

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