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I started using Pareto Chart and have some questions regarding it.

When I create a Pareto chart the values are displayed from highest to lowest. Is there anyway it displays the values in the order we are passing to the chart.


for example in the picture attached you can see October is displayed first then march and so on based on the values (spend). Can we display them based on month.

Can you please let me know.

and also do we a Pareto in multiseries so that I can display one more line with other values on top of the Pareto line.

Thanks in advance.


Thank You

Nikhil Bhomi

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Hi NIkhil,


Please note that the Pareto chart, named after Vilfredo Pareto, is a type of chart which contains both bars and a line. Pareto chart is strictly a single series chart. The values are represented by columns, which are arranged in descending order of magnitude, and the cumulative total of the these values is shown by an upward curving line. Ideally, Pareto charts are used for isolating the key causes of a problem. However, they can also be used for determining the key factors of success.


Hence the order of sorting is a functionality of the chart itself which cannot be changed.


Also, in case you wish to set the data in the order as mentioned in the XML in a Multi-series chart, please try using a Combination chart that would let you plot column and line in the order you have mentioned in the XML.


Hope this helps. :)

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