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Product Licensing For Sharepoint

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Would it be possible to have some details of the proposed licensing model for FusionCharts for SharePoint?

I understand that the licence is likely to be the same as for FusionCharts V3 (eg. $1999 for an Enterprise licence), but the concept of what constitutes a web server and a website is somewhat different for SharePoint when compared to conventional websites.

For instance, if the FusionCharts for SharePoint Enterprise licence is $1999 (could this please be confirmed?) and we apply the 5 web server and 5 website limits, would that mean I only need one such licence for my circumstance, which is as follows:

  • Server farm with two SharePoint Web Front End servers (would these count as the web servers?)
  • Five web applications installed on the above farm, ie. each web application has multiple site collections and sub-sites, but each web application only has a single unique URL (so are the web applications the websites as defined in the FusionCharts Enterprise licence?).

This is now a crucial question for us (apart from the go-live date of the product of course!) as we are of the opinion that FusionCharts for SharePoint is potentially the best "low cost" charting solution for SharePoint that we've found - as long as our assumptions on licensing are correct.


An early response would be greatly appreciated as we are keen to move forward with a preferred solution ASAP.


Thanks in anticipation.

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Guest Angie



Could you please drop an email at : [email protected] ?


Please quote the forum thread there for your reference.


Our sales representative will get back to you very soon.


Hope this

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