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Serban Mihai

Realtime Update When Using Multiple Categories/datasets

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Using PHP I created a XML file that has 5 categories with 2 datasets each. The file has the following structure:


<chart rotateValues='1' xAxisName='' yAxisName='' caption='Test XML file' decimalPrecision='0' numDivLines='3' showValues='0' dataStreamURL='TestUpdate.php' refreshInterval='301' updateInterval='300' formatNumberScale='1000' animation=' 0'>

<categories><category name='1'/><category name='2'/><category name='3'/><category name='4'/><category name='5'/></categories>

<dataset seriesName='Series1' color='C34A2C'><set value= '2'/><set value= '57752'/><set value= '987'/><set value= '4220'/><set value= '4913'/></dataset>

<dataset seriesName='Series2' color='2B60CE'><set value= '1'/><set value= '194015'/><set value= '5435'/><set value= '12746'/><set value= '15788'/></dataset>



I display it using RealTimeColumn.swf and everything is working as it should.


Question is: How does the update file TestUpdate.php should get the data out so that the update will display the last data recordset for the graph above?


I tried several methods but nothing worked.


I applogize if this was answered in another thread. I tried to search the forums and could not find an answer.



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