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I'm using the most current version of FC, 3.2 in combination with the php classes.

There is a strange behaviour of "StackedColumn3D" vs. "StackedBar3D".

There is a bool called $bLinks which switches if category labels should be linked. This only works with the combination of defining a style and encoding a url. (Previous post: See this)

Following code WORKS for StackedBar3D:

$FC_wst_verlauf = new FusionCharts("StackedBar3D",$iWidth,$iHeight); // stacked chart
if ($bLinks){
       if ($bLinks) {
           $link = urlencode("example.php?reporttype=list&filter_month=".$month["month"]);
           $link = "<a href="".$link."">".$month["month"]."</a>";
       } else $link = $month["month"];

looking like the first attachment


I want this to work for StackedColumn3D, so same code, different swf file DOESN'T WORK, looking like the second attachment.


May there be an error in the swf-file?




Sven Schulze

post-9748-045857400 1300745141_thumb.png

post-9748-021014400 1300745148_thumb.png

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Guest Angie



Could you please send us the Generated XML code to look into the issue?


Awaiting for your reply.

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