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Php Line Graph!?!? Using Sqlsrv Query

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Hi i am very new to the language as well as SQL.

I need to create a php code which allows me to create a fusion line graph, but the data for the graph needs to be gathered via a SQL SERVER Query.

I need help on this part, as i need to know step by step how to do this using fusion charts. I am very confused i have tried reading manuals but i am not good at understanding like that.!!!! really stressed out as i need this asap.


I have got sql srver queries running to output onto my html dreamweaver page, but i do not know how to use fusioncharts to output the results onto a chart, and what files are needed etc. PLEASE HELP ME STEP BY STEP i would give so much appreciation to anyone as it is very difficult learning something new which for some people would be easy and a 5minute job!!

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