FusionCharts v3.0.3 Released

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We've released FusionCharts v3.0.3 with the following changes:

  • New: Added Horizontal Bar 3D Chart, Stacked Horizontal Bar 3D Chart, Scroll Stacked Column 2D Chart, Scroll Combination 2D Chart, Scroll Combination (Dual Y) 2D Chart.
  • New: All 2D Columns and 2D Bars can now be rendered with round edges and glass effect gradients.
  • Improvement: Better scrolling functionality in existing scroll charts. Positioned the scroll bar at the end of canvas. Also, added more configurable properties for scroll cosmetics.
  • Improvement: Better printing support using the Context Menu "Print Chart" option.

    Bug Fix: showLabels attribute wasn't working in Pie 2D Chart. 

Licensed users of FusionCharts can download the free upgrade from > My Orders. 

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