Fusionwidgets Or Fusioncharts? Both Don't Fullfill Requirements.

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Hi ,

I have this specific situation.

We are using Licensed version of fusionCharts and FusionWidgets . But I am unable to get the requirement done from both of them.


Here is the situation.


I want to use Live data feed in my Area chart : feedData() function does it pretty good using fusionWidgets.

I was not able to add overlayButtons using javascript chart event handling, as I think fusionWidgets API doesnt support it.

i want to be able to change the chart properties dynamicallyI without loading xml again (like bgColor ) : there is nothing like that for fusionWidgets.


So i moved to Fusioncharts.


I was able to change chart attributes dynamically,

I was able to add overlayButtons using javascript chart event handling.

But with fusioncharts feedData function doesnt work, As i guess this is specific to realtime charts..(or I dont know if there is other method for fusioncharts)


I have heard that FusionWidgets Api is still not 3.2, which Fusioncharts has.. but then how do i get to this thing working?

In short :

I want Live data feed .

I want dynamic change of chart properties

I want ability to handle chart events so that i can add a overlay button.


Kindly Suggest.

Thanks a ton, for reading through the whole sob story. :)




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