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Using Fusioncharts From A Cdn

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I frequently release updates for my company's ASP.NET MVC sites and am in the process of including less content with each publish by hosting various files on a CDN. My charts are displaying correctly when using the SWFs from the CDN. However, when I specify a background image from the CDN, I get the following error when debugging:


bgSWF not loaded: The bgSWF path contains special characters like colon, which can be potentially dangerous in XSS attacks. As such, FusionCharts has not loaded the bgSWF. If you've specified the absolute path for bgSWF URL, we recommend specifying relative path under the same domain.


The url for the SWF and my png are the same, and I have tried making the path to the image relative, but doing so results in the browser attempting to fetch the image from the website's url rather than the CDN.


I'm using v3.1.1 and am loading an xml string in JS using chart.setDataXML.


Any thoughts?

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This is done to stop XSS and absolute URLs are blocked. For now, you would need to use a proxy script in the website which would load the image binary in realtime from CDN URL and pass the content as response to the chart. So the chart would actually load the image from CDN howver, it would think that it loading from the application server.

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