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Serverside exporting is not working.


/lib/fusioncharts/exporter/fc_exporter.rb:93:in `bang'

/lib/fusioncharts/exporter/fc_exporter.rb:84:in `parse_params'

/lib/fusioncharts/exporter/fc_exporter.rb:77:in `parse_export_request_stream'

/lib/fusioncharts/exporter/fc_exporter.rb:15:in `initialize'

/app/controllers/fusioncharts/fc_exporter_controller.rb:50:in `new'

/app/controllers/fusioncharts/fc_exporter_controller.rb:50:in `index'



And the HTMLcode

var myChart = new FusionCharts('/FusionCharts/Column3D.swf', 'myChart1', '900', '300', '0', '1');

myChart.setXMLData("<chart yAxisName='Sales Figure' caption='Top 5 Sales Person' numberPrefix='$' useRoundEdges='1' bgColor='FFFFFF,FFFFFF' showBorder='0' exportEnabled='1' exportHandler='/fusioncharts/fc_exporter/index' exportAtClient='0' exportAction='download' ><set label='Alex' value='25000' /></chart>");




(Fusion charts 3

and RMagick -2.5)





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Hi Vijaya,


Can you please share a scaled-down version of your application?


It would be easier to debug.


Can you also give me the complete error message?


Please tell me the version of FusionCharts you are using.


Srividya Sharma

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