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Top Led Always Black On Vled

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When using a VLED

The top LED is always black, and is especially noticably when setting a larger ledSize.


Sample XML:

<chart showAboutMenuItem='0' showShadow='0' showValue='0' baseFontSize='9' showBorder='0' borderThickness='0' lowerLimit='0' lowerLimitDisplay=' ' upperLimit='30' showGaugeBorder='0' gaugeBorderThickness='0' showTickMarks='1' majorTMNumber='30' minorTMNumber='0' ledSize='14' ledGap='1'>

<colorRange><color minValue='0' code='D5D581'/></colorRange>




How can I get the top led to be the correct color?

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Guest Angshu



Welcome to FusionCharts Forum!smile.gif


The LED bars are the actual data indicators in a LED gauge. The LED bars fill up the LED container in a ratio that suggests the chart value, where the lightened part of the gauge will reflect your value and a darker part will almost always remain till the upper limit of the gauge.

Please note that this is a darker part and not black part.

It seems from your XML code that the color range has not been defined properly.


The black LED bar signifies the non-activated(dark) part of the LED,.


You need to define the color range properly to get rid of this dark(black) LED bar.


For more details, please visit the links below:






Hope this

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After looking at the documentation I tried again.

This time the xml is even simpler but I still have the same problem.


<chart showShadow='0' showValue='1' baseFontSize='9' lowerLimit='0' upperLimit='10' showTickMarks='1' ledSize='34' ledGap='1'>

<colorRange><color minValue='0' maxValue='10' code='D5D581'/></colorRange>




Why is the top black and not a dark color led?

Although my value is 4 it shows closer to 3?


post-16669-079831200 1309218534_thumb.jpg



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