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Onfocus Onblur Contdown Timer Problem

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Hello I'm newbie in javascript and worked hard today on this and couldn't find the solution.

Please help me.





if (/*@[email protected]*/false) {

document.onfocusin = startB;

document.onfocusout = stopB;

} else {

window.onfocus = startB;

window.onblur = stopB;



var x = 1000;

var y = 1;


function startB() {

if (x !== 'ok') {

x = x - y;

document.form.num.value = x;

timeoutID=setTimeout("startB()", 1000);


if (x == 0) {

x = 'ok';

document.form.num.value = x;




function stopB() {




<body onLoad="startB()">

<form name="form">

<input name="num" size="10" readonly="readonly" type="text">




When I open this page it counts down with value 1/sec normally and when I change window/tab it stops, I again come back it's continues 1/sec, this is what I want, but I have a big problem --> WHEN I GO TO THIS LINK AND CHANGE WINDOW/TAB VERY QUICKLY, THAT IS STILL UNLOADED, IT STARTS COUNTING DOWN IN ONBLUR STATUS, AND WHEN I COME BACK TO ONFOCUS STATUS, THE FUNCTION IS READ TWICE AND STARTS COUNTING DOWN 1/0.5sec... DOUBLE.


Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

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