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Leaking Memory In Ie7

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I have four charts to display on a page (simplified example is attached). Everything is working fine, but on IE7 (WinXP) I'm loosing about 25MB of memory on every page load. In IE8 (WinXP and Win7) and other browsers charts are working fine, without any memory leaks.


This is only thing that's keeping me from buying FusionCharts.




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Thanks for the mail.


Please note that we have released yet another version of FusionCharts XT, FusionCharts XT Service Release 3 on 13th of March, 2012.


It contains a number of bug fixes and improvements like:

>> Support for JavaScript Pie 3D and Doughnut 3D charts

>> Ability to control number formatting for Indian and East Asian thousand/lac separation formats

>> Support for recursive number scaling to display the chart data better


Also, a few improvements like:

>> Considerable reduction of memory leaks upon resize, data-update and dispose of charts

>> Text-selection (I-beam) cursor does not appear now when hovered over text

>> JavaScript Bubble charts now correctly clip all out-of-canvas data-points using the clipBubbles attribute

>> JavaScript Pie and Doughnut charts now support dashed plot borders


Enhancements in JavaScript Zoom Line chart which includes:

>>Pin Mode

>>Better management of x-axis data labels

>>Icons for Zoom-Out, Reset and Pin Mode


Read more :


Being a Service Release, the update in not available as an "Upgrade" from PUC. Existing customers need to re-download from PUC to update to this release.

The trial version of FusionCharts XT-SR3 is available at :


Could you please download the latest version and let us know if the memory leak issue had been considerably reduced?


Hope this helps. :)

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