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Localization Issue When Using Dataurl

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I've already posted this in other forum but I did not get reply explaining how to make dataURL locale aware...and that was wrong place to post so I' again posting this topic here.


I'm using dataURL attribute where I'm giving path of my servlet. In my servlet I'm creating xml required for displaying fusion chart and writing that in ServletOutputStraem.

When this servlet gets called using dataURL I'm getting en_us locale in that servlet even if I change my locale to chinese locale because of which I get x-axis and y-axis in english only.

but I'm getting correct locale in jsp where I've given dataURL path of my servlet.


Can anyne tell me how can I get correct browser locale using this dataURL attribute?


below is my sample:


<param name="FlashVars" value="ChartNoDataText=<%= resource.getMessage(request.getLocale(),"Error.key")%> &LoadDataErrorText=<%=resource.getMessage(request. getLocale(),"Error.key")%>&dataURL=. /MyServlet"/>


Here I'm getting Error.key localized but I'm not getting strings localized which I'm localizing in MyServlet i.e titles or x -y axis labels


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