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How To Show Very Small And Big Values On The Same Line Graph?

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Hi. We have an issue with line charts because some of the numbers we are plotting are for items with values in the tens of thousands but the majority are only within the hundreds. We need to display all of these on the same graph with timeline. When we do display all of these on the graph, the items with the lower numbers are all squashed together at the bottom (see the attached image) and you can’t see the Y-axis values for those. Is there a way we can divide the Y-Axis so that it could give more space for smaller values and less for the higher. For example, it could be 0-1000, 1000-5000, then 5000-10000 and increments of 5K from there? If there’s not, do you know of any best practices to handle a problem like this?


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Could you please try using the Logarithmic charts from the PowerCharts pack to solve your purpose?

Ref.- Sample Log Line chart


The logarithmic column and line charts are very similar to the normal charts, but for the fact that these charts use a logarithmic axis instead of a normal linear axis.



Hope this helps. :)

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