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  1. Wind Rose chart / Radar chart

    Hi, We have wind-rose chart in our wish list and we might be coming up with this in upcoming release.
  2. Custom Regions

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, you can put same color on grouped entities/states in US State map to mark those entities as a group.
  3. label on the right for Bulb..

    Hi, Could you please check the samples. 1. The label is centered inside the bulb. 2. There are 2 HTML buttons below, one sets the value of the bulb to 0 (off) and another to 1 (on). (using setData) 3. On load the bulb is set to 1(on). Please click on the buttons to check the label gets changed as per the value set. Bulb_centered_label_with_label_as _per_value.zip
  4. adding link to javascript function

    Hi, If you are running the application from local file system and not from web server (local or live) please check that you have Flash Player Global Security settings set on. To read more on this please read: http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/Topic5009-47-1.aspx#bm8077
  5. Stacked Chart

    Hi, As of now, if you are calling a URL using link you can pass the value as querystring. But, you need to set it explicitly to each link. Each stack is an individual entity and so far colors and links are concerned, all stacked parts are unrelated to each other. Hence, all you need to do is to explicitly pass the value in the link attribute. e.g. <set value='20' link='ShowDetails.asp?stackvalue=20' />
  6. Hi, Could you please check the full version of the chart being used? Export Feature is supported from v3.1.0 onwards. To check version you need to set chart's Debug Mode on. To know more on how to set on Debug Mode please read : http://www.fusioncharts.com/docs/Contents/Debug/window.html
  7. setDataXML works the 2nd time it's called

    Hi, You can always use <chart/> as the minimum valid XML.
  8. Problem with Server Side Export to PNG

    Hi, Your code has defined a chart DOMId with the same name as the JavaScript object of the chart ...myChart. Though I am not aware of what exactly 'is not working' but I guess, you can try either : a) once setting different name for chart DOMId and chart JS object. or replace chartObject = getChartFromId('myChart'); with chartObject = document.getElementById('myChart'); Hope this helps.
  9. MSCombi3D Chart not Exporting as JPG properly

    Hi, It is only because of a nano fraction of a delay not achieved in some Flash Players versions. Please use a fractional delay before you export: Your code can be like this: function FC_Rendered(DOMId){ var chartObj = getChartFromId(DOMId); var intv= window.setInterval(function(){ if(chartObj && chartObj.hasRendered && chartObj.hasRendered()==true) { chartObj.exportChart(); window.clearInterval(intv); } }, 0);
  10. Zip Code Based Maps

    Hi, As of now, FusionMaps does not support Zip code mapping. We are working on our next major version where this would be supported. The next major version is due in the last quarter of 2010.
  11. Angular Gauge Customization help

    Hi, Alternatively, you can set baseFontColor='ffffff' toolTipBgColor='333333' and add wow to the tooltips too.
  12. Hi satdev, Could you please make sure that you are using 3.1 or above version of the widget swf files as export feature is supported from that version? Also please make sure that you have added all required export related attribute in the XML for the widget, like - exportEnabled, exportHandler, exportAction, exportAtClient etc.
  13. Fusionchart from J2ME/Midlet

    Hi, I am afraid, this is not possible as of now.
  14. AngularGauge not working with Flex Modules

    Hi all, Could you please try providing the width and height? for example this works:
  15. loading FusionCharts inside other Flash with external XML file

    Hi, You can always load and pass valid XML to a chart em,bedded in a Flash movie. All you need to do is to use the XML.load() Please find the attached sample code : All you need to do is: MyFirstChart_EnternalXML.zip
  16. Cross domain support bug

    Hi, Thanks for the report. I am afraid, we have intended this implementation Allowing all domains might appear to be a major security leak for those who wish NOT to allow that. Allow domain can be done writing a crossdomain.xml in the domain serving the SWF.
  17. Charts display in Firefox, but not in IE or Chrome.

    Hi, Please mail us to [email protected] with a scaled version of the project so that we can run instantly. Also please give reference to this post.
  18. Fusion Charts v3 Update In FileMaker 9

    Hi, Could you please try the attached js file? FusionCharts.zip
  19. FusionCharts (animated and live) in PDF file !!

    Well I can not promise you snapshots :crying: ...but would a video tutorial help? Please find out here : :w00t: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=9-_HaRItRH4 :w00t: Please Feed us back
  20. javascript problem

    Hi, FusionCharts.js is required only to render a chart. The rest of the functions are exposed to JavaScript by the chart object itself. So, please set registerWithJS to 1 while rendering the chart and try accessing the chart object by its DOMId using getChartFromId function provided by FusionCharts.js. Once you get reference to the chart you can call print() etc.
  21. Hi, The exported data in 3.1.x is very much different from the export data in 3.0.7. For this the handler needs to be modified. We will work on this and post on the forum again ... someday
  22. Test automation for FusionChart charts

    Hi, To do this you would need to build your automation scripts. There are two ways you can retrieve data from a chart..using its JavaScript API: a) getXML() getDataAsCSV() These 2 functions would return chart data as string which you can verify with the data form your database.
  23. Fusionchart inside coldfusion cfdiv tag

    Hi, Even if you are not using JavaScript embedding method you can still set registerWithJS=1 using the renderChartHTML(). To achieve this all you need to do is to pass registerWithJS=1 as a querystring to the chart SWF file. So, your function call would look something like: <cfoutput>#renderChartHTML("../../FusionCharts/Column3D.swf?registerWithJS=1", "Data/Data.xml", "", "myFirst", 600, 300, false)#</cfoutput>
  24. Cant display hebrew in pie labels/tool tips

    The dynamically generated XML needs BOM stamp to be present at the first bytes of the stream.
  25. Number formatting in ToolText

    Hi, If you explicitly define tooltips the chart would show it as it is defined as String. If you do not, the chart would show the label, (series name - where-ever applicable - optional) and value with number formatting set using number formatting attributes.