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  1. Problem with exporting charts as images

    Hi, As of now, we have not tracked nay issue with https servers. May I request you to try once using the Export-download feature (which does not require any server side changes) to confirm whether the export module is working perfectly or not.
  2. Problem with exporting charts as images

    Hi, Could you please also check whether you can export and download ? Also please check what you are getting in the FC_Exported() callback function after saving.
  3. Problem while saving as pdf/image

    I agree with Srividya. Also please check whether write permission is given for not only to that directory but at times to all the directories starting from the root directory till this save path directorty. In some Linux distro it is a must.
  4. I don't want to display the number on PY and SY

    Hi, Since you are using FusionCharts FREE (which is a ver different product from FusionCharts v3) you need to use showLimits='0' showDivLInevalue='0' in <graph> element. What Srividya has suggested works in FusionCharts v3.
  5. I want hide the seriesName of dataset

    Hi, If you are using FusionCharts FREE chart you can not do this. If you are using v3 chart, could you please try using includeInLegend='0' in <dataset> element?
  6. FusionMaps v3 Fails - Object doesn't support this property or method - IE 7

    Hi, Please set unique and different names for the map's DOMId, DIV in which map will be rendered and the JavaScript object used to create the map. As of now, I find that you are using same name to declare the map's DOMId as well as the DIV's id. Hence, this issue. myMap = new FusionMaps('/fg_maps/FCMap_Africa.swf', 'mapdiv', '600', '500', '0', '1'); ... myMap.render('mapdiv'); Please try changing this to something like: myMap = new FusionMaps('/fg_maps/FCMap_Africa.swf', 'mapDOMId', '600', '500', '0', '1'); ... myMap.render('mapdiv');
  7. function SetDataXML() out of menory at line in IE

    Hi, The code that you have sent is using same identifier (name) for the chart JavaScritp Id as well as chart DOMId. var myChartId3 = new FusionCharts("/wee/wee/fusioncharts/Charts/Pie2D.swf","myChartId3","600","400","0","1"); Could you please keep them unique and different? e.g. var myChartId3Obj = new FusionCharts("/wee/wee/fusioncharts/Charts/Pie2D.swf","myChartId3","600","400","0","1"); myChartId3Obj.setDataXML(..."); myChartId3Obj.render("chartdiv3");
  8. How do I keep the same chart-settings

    Hi, For step 1 you need not worry too much. AJAX is implemented using JavaScript and Web has numerous help on this.
  9. ServerSide Export to images Taking too much time

    Hi Kishan, You can ideally export all charts present in a browser page (visible/invisible). Please try the page in Internet Explorer. But, due to recent implementation in latest Firefox browser, this issues has come up. In Firefox, you need to make the chart( Flash movie) to show up atleast once to make it render. So, the possible solution could be to use JavaScript to make the chart scroll to the end and come to top again when the gets loaded. This would make all charts present in the browser render and ready for export.
  10. Charts Images saved

    Hi, It would be like first deleting a file if its existing already, then creating the image, and then a while loop with condition till- 'not fileExists' (additionally a time limit)...after this use the image in excel.
  11. How to use a solid colors in Column 2d chart

    Hi, Could you please try passing the single color to paletteColors attribute in <chart> element? If you do not want the gradient please use plotGradientColor=''. e.g. <chart plotGradientColor='' paletteColors='ff0000' >
  12. chartObj.SetDataURL is not a function

    Hi, Can you please make sure that there is no chart element and HTML element having same id?
  13. FusionChartsDOM.js and Coldfusion

    Hi, Could you please check with the latest version (beta) from http://www.fusioncharts.com/forum/FindPost14780.aspx
  14. exportCallback won't fire

    Hi John, There wont be any issue with 2 or more charts in a page. Could you please check whether the callback is working when you have a single chart in a page. The issue might be something else. Could you please send a live URL to the export component or your application so that we can test it from our labs live?
  15. exportCallback won't fire

    I hope there wont be any problem.
  16. Hi, Could you please send us a live URL so that we can debug live and let us know. getXMLData() is a valid function for DragNode chart. And there should not be any issue with FusionCharts.js. You might update to the latest version from http://www.fusioncharts.com/PUC.
  17. Multiple Dynamic chart generation single page

    Hi, Could you please try once trying the same in Firefox ? If it works in Firefox, it seems that your are trying to generate the chart with same chartId, i.e. "Temperature" echo renderChart("../phpmysql/Charts/Line.swf", $strDataURL, "", "Temperature", 500, 300, false, false); Please generate unique values like "Temperature1", "Temperature2", "Temperature3" ...
  18. Text Wrap on Legend

    Hi, Could you please try adding a at the end of the dataset's seriesName after which you want an new line? e.g. Sprint in your XML.
  19. Multiple Dynamic chart generation single page

    Hi, Could you please attache here what XML being gnerated in _TempData_Loop.php?
  20. Single XML Multiple Charts

    Hi, The charts are designed, as of now, NOT to select one data from a specific node. Charts look for an XML with CHART or GRAPH as root element.
  21. can I get value of an attribute of a node in the XML?

    Hi, I am afraid, not as of now. You can get the whole XML using getXML().
  22. hover event and changing background color of sector

    Hi, This is not possible as of now.
  23. Data Stamp

    Hi, Could you please let us know, you are passing as the querystring value? The dataStamp works perfectly in our labs. Could you please also trap the HTTP request sent so that we can be more sure about the issue?
  24. How to convert the rrd file to the fusionchart's xml file?

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, FusionCharts does not support time-series charts, i.e. a scale having time as its unit. But you can always use time as text caption and draw the charts.
  25. How-To dynamically change graph type?

    Hi, Yes, you would need to rerender the chart. You can always retrieve the XML from the existing chart using getXML() method.