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  1. Export Not Working In Ie

    Hi, It can be truly an issue with caching or probably IE is referring to SWF files of a different path. Can you please try once from a different machine's IE ?
  2. Fusioncharts Javascript Version

    Hi hillfallshore, Agree that SR2 and SR3 is creating the confusion. Apologies for this. There had been an issue with the version generator due to which SR1 became SR3. We had fixed this issue when spotted. However, unfortunately, it seems that you might have downloaded before we updated. Sincere apologies for this. This would clear your confusion: For "sr3.5347" please read (or just change the string in your files) as "sr1.5347" Hence, "fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr1.5347" (modified version string of the incorrect "fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr3.5347") is older to "fusioncharts/3.2.3-sr2.6105". Hence, the issue you were facing with the older version. Also, as a trick to know the most updated version of the JavaScript files, you may pick the one with the greatest build number which is 6105 for this case. The build number is the number that comes as the right-most number in the version string. Hope this clarifies.
  3. Mscolumn2D - No Data

    Hi, The XML that is being built is generating XML for a single series chart like Pie. Your XML can be in a format similar to: <chart> <set label='foo' value='1' /> <set label='boo' value='2' /> <set label='moo' value='3' /> </chart> However, since you are rendering a Multi-series chart, you need to build the XML following a different XML format which may look like: <chart> <categories> <category label='foo'/> <category label='boo'/> <category label='moo'/> </categories> <dataset> <set value='1'/> <set value='2'/> <set value='3'/> </dataset> </chart> For more details on Multi-series XML structure please read: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/charts/?DataFormats/XML/MultiSeries.html
  4. Combination Of Logarithmic Chart And Multiple Axis

    Hi, As of now, FusionCharts does not have a log chart that supports Dual Y Axis.
  5. Dual - Y - Axis Drill Not Working In Chrome, Safari

    Also, Here is a sample Dual Y Axis chart showing various kinds of drill-down features available in FusionCharts. You can try the sample from the link below in your Chrome or Safari and let us know. http://igcomm.com/show/drilldown/DualY/
  6. Dual - Y - Axis Drill Not Working In Chrome, Safari

    Hi, Can you please give a few basic feedback on your issue? 1. Are you rendering Flash charts or JavaScript chart? 2. Are you running the sample from a local file system (like with file:/// path style)? 3. If the answer is 'yes' for question 2, can you please once running from a webserver (like Apache, IIS or any remote webserver) 4. Which Dual-Y chart you are using? 5. Can you pass us a scaled down data (XML/JSON) so that we can test it from our end?
  7. One Xml Multiple Charts

    Hi, I am afraid, each chart needs to have an independent XML stream. However, if you can pre-process (using your own code) the XML stream before passing it to the chart and build two separate valid XMLs (for 2 charts) and then pass each to respective chart, it can be achieved.
  8. Location Cordinates For World Map

    Hi Pri, Can you please check if the marker definition stated here helps you? http://docs.fusioncharts.com/maps/Tools/MarkerViewer/index.html?map=World%20with%20Countries
  9. Connecting A Distribution Map With Filemaker Database

    Hi, You cannot use jpg image as map. First, you need to use maps from FusionMaps for FileMaker and build script to get data from your tables. Each map in FusionMaps for FileMaker is a SWF file to which data is passed through a Map rendering engine. To know more on how this is done, please read FusionMaps for FileMaker documentation. You will also find how to connect maps to database from the following pages in the same documentation: http://docs.fusioncharts.com/filemaker/maps/Contents/AppUSOverview.html http://docs.fusioncharts.com/filemaker/maps/Contents/AppUS.html Hope this helps. http://docs.fusioncharts.com/filemaker/maps/Contents/AppUSOverview.html
  10. Positioning Back Or Export Buttons In Drill Down Charts

    and... you can check an implementation of the same from http://igcomm.com/show/hacks/js/export-button-position/
  11. Positioning Back Or Export Buttons In Drill Down Charts

    Hi, Let me share with you a raw way of shifting the Export Button to the top-left corner of the chart with 10px margin. Let's consider that your chart's DOMID is "myFirst": Your additional code will be (make sure to execute this after the chart has been rendered. You can track when the chart has been rendered through the "rendered" event) var myFirst_Export_SVG_Paths = $(FusionCharts("myFirst").ref).find("svg *").slice(-3); $(myFirst_Export_SVG_Paths[0]).attr({transform:"translate(10,10)"}); $(myFirst_Export_SVG_Paths[1]).attr({transform:"translate(10,10)"}); $(myFirst_Export_SVG_Paths[2]).attr({x:10}); [edit] This only happens when there is only Export Button on the chart and print button is not. [edit+] And works only in Browsers supporting SVG (i.e., will not work in Internet Explorer 6/7/8) - Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.
  12. Send Customized Data When Exporting Chart

    Hi Tristan, I was just crawling through your requirement and I think I can pass on to you an easter-egg. You can pass a custom value through the XML/JSON data of the chart to the server-side export handler. The secret attribute is : exportParameters in <chart> element. You can pass any string as its value. Example: <chart exportEnabled='1' exportParameters='5 May' exportAtClient='0' exportHandler='../ExportHandler/FCExporter.php' > You can also pass the value for this parameter or override the parameters already defined in the XML while calling exportChart function. Example: FusionCharts("myChartID").exportChart( { "exportFormat": exportFormat, "exportParameters": "31 March" } ); NOTE: This data is passed to the server-side export handler, but it does not make any use of the value. It is kept for future use. You need to retrieve this value and modify the export handler code to make use of the value. The exportParameters along with the other export properties are serialized into a string of pipe separated items (name=value pairs like "exportformat=JPG|exportaction=SAVE|exportparameters=31 March...") and passed through a querystring variable named "parameters". This data is de-serialised in of of the Export Handlers for your easy access. Hope this helps! Happy FusionCharting! The export handlers seHowever, the existing Export Handlers does not use it for any purpose.
  13. Call A Function When The Chart Started Being Capture

    Hi, I am afraid, as of now, there is no event to be trapped when export process initiates.
  14. Exportcharts Problems

    Hi, Can you please try once adding "animation": "0" property in "chart" object of your JSON?
  15. Problem With A Simple Pie Chart - Why?!

    Hi, A pie chart can accept only a single series (a single set) of data. Where as, a Multi-series Bar chart can of course take multiple sets of data. Probably the way you have passed the data is causing this. You would actually need to consider 216 66 56 3 as the data for series GB and the categories are IR OR MT C. Can you please check if your generated XML is similar to : <chart caption="GB"> <set value='216' label='IR'/> <set value='66' label='OR'/> <set value='56' label='MT'/> <set value='3' label='C'/> </chart> In case, you are
  16. Cannot Style Heatmap Y Axis Labels

    Of course, as work-around for JavaScript charts, you can apply the same style to DATLABELS and YAXISVALUES objects along with DATAYLABELS. <apply toObject='DATAYLABELS' styles='MyFirstFontStyle,MyFirstShadow' /> <apply toObject='DATALABELS' styles='MyFirstFontStyle,MyFirstShadow' /> <apply toObject='YAXISVALUES' styles='MyFirstFontStyle,MyFirstShadow' />
  17. Jquery/js Animation

    Hi, I have just created a small code snippet for you to disable chart animation when a chart is updated. /* INFO: Rendered event is raised only once when the chart is rendered for the first time and not when chart data is updated The statement below binds the "rendered" event and the code inside the event-listener binds "BeforeDataUpdate" event. The "BeforeDataUpdate" even-listener disables animation for all subsequent updates. This works in 2 steps: STEP 1 - It checks if the updated data contains any attribute to control animation. If found, it changes the attribute's value to 0 i.e., disable animation. STEP 2 - If it does not find "animation" attribute in the data, it adds animation="0" . */ $("#chartContainer").bind( "fusionchartsrendered", function (e, args) { $("#chartContainer").bind( "fusionchartsbeforedataupdate", function (e, args) { // stop on error if (args.error) { return; } // search for animation attribute and replace it's value with 0 (disabled) // Note: This statement force-disable animation even if the data contains settings to enable animation // In case, one needs to stop this behaviour, comment this statement args.data = args.data.replace(/(\<chart[^>]+? animation[\s\r\n\t]*=[\s\r\n\t]*)(['"])[^'"]+?['"]/i, "$1$20$2"); // when the "animation" attribute is not present in the data, add animation="0" if (args.data.search (/(\<chart[^>]+? animation[\s\r\n\t]*=[\s\r\n\t]*)(['"])/i) < 0) { args.data = args.data.replace(/(\<chart)/, '$1 animation="0"'); } }); });
  18. Javascript + Json Drill Down Issue

    Hi IMK, Thanks for pointing this out. We will correct this in a short while. Thanks again.
  19. Hi IU, Thanks for your suggestions. As of now, the Zoom Line chart's intended behaviour is a bit different from the MSLine chart, as you would find in Zoom Line chart there exists a tracker vertical line along with the tooltips. Again, Zoom Line chart, in general, with huge amount of data, does not show up anchors. It tend to be a smooth line. Anchors in Zoom Line chart do not hold much ground in visualizing huge data points. Thus, there is an automatic option to show anchors only when the pixel distance between the two data points cross a threshold. In a normal line chart, tooltips may tie to anchors (A better way to untie this is to use anchorAlpha='0' where the invisble anchor [= mouse tracker for tooltip] consume healthy amount of real estate for easy interactivity). However, in a Zoom Line chart, anchors are likely to be auto-invisible in majority of the cases - and the same behaviour (tooltips tied to anchors) may reduce the use of tooltip to a great extent. However, we can consider adding to our 'wish-list' - an option to explicitly hide tooltips for a particular dataset. This can be a generic option for all charts.
  20. Hi, First, thanks for your appreciation and patronage. Your kind words and suggestions keep us moving and improving. Regarding - We would like to state that this is a Documentation bug, which we will correct instantly in our Website Documentation. The product pack will be updated with the correction in the next release.
  21. Country Level Drilldown Map Links Not Working

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. In your data, you need to specify the exact Internal Id of the entity through the id property as per the Map's Specification Sheet - http://docs.fusioncharts.com/maps/?Contents/MapSS/Europe.html. Also, note that you may pass only a numeric value through the value property of your data (which is optional in your case- when you are targeting only links). The modified data can be: <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- // fusion maps initialization var myMap = new FusionCharts( "resources/maps/FCMap_Europe.swf", "myMap", "750", "400", "0"); myMap.setJSONData({ "map": { "showshadow": "0", "showbevel": "0", "showcanvasborder": "0", "bordercolor": "FFFFFF", "bgAlpha": "0", "wmode": "transparent" }, "data": [ { "id": "018", "value": "", "link": "http://localhost/mapTest/map/IE" }, { "id": "046", "value": "", "link": "http://localhost/mapTest/map/RU" }, { "id": "038", "value": "", "link": "http://localhost/mapTest/map/ES" } ] }); myMap.setTransparent(true); myMap.render("mapContainer"); // --> </script>
  22. Pyaxis Name Length Issue

    Hi, Not directly. However, you can use {br} inside your axis names to represent a New-Line character which will break the names into multiple lines. Example: PYAxisName='Customer Count{br}(Other Than Online)' SYAXisName='Customer Count{br}(Online)'
  23. Js Error Occurred When Dispose Gantt Chart

    Hi, Welcome to FusionCharts Forum. Can you check if you are using FusionCharts.js available with FusionWidgets XT (v3.2) or above? The easiest way to get this is to open FusionCharts.js in a text editor and check its version from the top lines. Can you please make sure the version stated in the JavaScript file is not below 3.2?
  24. Pyaxis Name Length Issue

    Will You try centerYAxisName='0' once in <chart> element?
  25. Runtime Exception - Unable To Find The Container Dom Element

    Michael, I was inactive for long though my machine mostly never goes offline. MSLine.swf is the Trial version and possibly the size difference is due to this. The SWF file is not not important here for this issue as the the issue is sourced at FusionCharts.js. Hence, I am more concerned about the version of the JavaScript(JS) files. I found that the JS files you were using had been a bit old and hence I sent you the FusionCharts XT SR4 JavaScript files. Please update based on your tests using the files I have sent.