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  1. I am having the same issue ..running has been few years!
  2. May be in a future update?
  3. Thanks again.. It would be great to have multiaxis functionality (i.e. add 'axis' as Child) in msspline and mssplinearea,
  4. Thank you for the sample implementation... Yes it works in "multiaxisline" But unfortunately, it did not work in "mssplinearea" or "msspline" That would truly be desirable
  5. Adding the <axis> as strXML prevents the chart from Rendering. $strXML .="<axis title='item 2014' tickwidth='10' divlinedashed='1'>"; $strXML .="<dataset seriesName='item 2014' >"; if ($result2) { while($ors1 = mysql_fetch_array($result2)) { $strXML .= "<set value='".$ors1['item']."' />"; } } $strXML .= "</dataset>"; $strXML .="</axis>"; $strXML .="<axis title='item 2015' tickwidth='10' divlinedashed='1'>"; $result3 = mysql_query($strQuery15) or die(mysql_error()); $strXML .="<dataset seriesName='item 2015'>"; if ($result3) { while($ors1 = mysql_fetch_array($result3)) { $strXML .= "<set value='".$ors1['item']."' />"; } } $strXML .= "</dataset>"; $strXML .="</axis>"; $strXML .="<axis title='item 2016' numdivlines='10' tickwidth='10' divlinedashed='1'>"; $result4 = mysql_query($strQuery16) or die(mysql_error()); $strXML .="<dataset seriesName='item 2016'>"; if ($result4) { while($ors1 = mysql_fetch_array($result4)) { $strXML .= "<set value='".$ors1['item']."' />"; } } mysql_close($link); $strXML .= "</dataset></axis>";
  6. I am having problem with the Text Annotations shifting right vs the gauge when the chart is rotated on device from portrait to landscape. I am running 3.6.0 Thanks for the help.. var gauge = { "type": "angulargauge", "renderAt": "container", "width": '100%', "height": 195, "dataFormat": "json", "dataSource": { "chart": { "id": 'myChartId', "exportEnabled": "0", "manageResize": "1", "bgColor": "#ffffff", "bgAlpha": "0", "outCnvbaseFontSize": "18", "outCnvbaseFontColor": "074A09", "upperLimit": "130", "lowerLimit": "0", "showLimits": "0", "lowerLimitDisplay": "", "upperLimitDisplay": "", "gaugeStartAngle": "180", "gaugeEndAngle": "0", //"bgImage": "Ragweed.jpg", "bgImageAlpha": "55", "bgImageDisplayMode": "fit", "gaugeFillMix": "{light-10},{light-20},{light-60},{dark-30},{dark-40}, {dark-40}", "gaugefillpattern": "linear", "gaugeBorderColor": "{dark-30}", "gaugeOuterRadius": "75", "gaugeInnerRadius": "50", "pivotRadius": "10", "showValue": "0", "tickValueStep": "5", "placeValuesInside": "1", "borderAlpha": "0", "canvasBorderAlpha": "0" }, "colorRange": { "color": [{ "minValue": "0", "maxValue": "15", "code": "#96C900" }, { "minValue": "15", "maxValue": "65", "code": "#FFFB14" }, { "minValue": "65", "maxValue": "130", "code": "#C90000" }] }, "dials": { "dial": [{ "value": "0", "tooltext": "Latest count", "rearExtension": "15", "radius": "66", "baseWidth": "12", "topWidth": "3", "bgColor": "210B02" }] }, "annotations": { "groups": [{ "id": "Grp1", "x": "160", "y": "172", "autoscale": "1", "scaleText":"1", "showBelow": "1", "alpha": "50", "items": [ /* { "type": "arc", "startAngle": "0", "endAngle": "180", "Alpha": "100", "Color": "678000,FCEF27,E00000", "fillpattern": "linear", "fillratio": "25,35,40", "showborder": "0", "radius": "51", "innerradius": "47" }*/ ] }, { "id": "Grp2", "items": [{ "type": "text", "label": "LOW", "font": "Verdana", "scaleText":"1", "x": "55", "y": "105", "align": "left", "vAlign": "left", "fontcolor": "01701D", "fontSize": "14", "isBold": "1" }] }, { "id": "Grp3", "items": [{ "type": "text", "label": "HIGH", "font": "Verdana", "scaleText":"1", "x": "216", "y": "105", "align": "left", "vAlign": "left", "fontcolor": "FF0000", "fontSize": "14", "isBold": "1" }] }] } } };
  7. FusionCharts Spring MVC Example

    Great Example.. Thank you. I am having difficulty using a similar MVC model fro use as Widget in Titanium Alloy for FusionCharts. Titanium Alloy has integration with Highcharts shown at: Any help is appreciated.. Thanks
  8. It would be extremely helpful to have a working sample App or a working Titanium Module for FusionCharts fro Both iOS and Android ( Other than just using WebView but rather capturing the benefit and speed from direct Javascript API
  9. Your advice has been invaluable!! It is working fine now... Thanks for all the help..
  10. Thanks for the reply... Is there any example php /LogMSColumn2D.swf that you can point me to? I have not been able to find any such example myself Thanks again Ghassan
  11. FYI, This is similar issue to my recent post on xAxis labels not showing in Javascript PhP for LogMSColumn2d.swf
  12. Again, to clarify.. I cannot see the X-Axis Labels when I am using the LogMSColumn2D. Swf, To Get the chart to show I changed the xml to Include <category Label> and <dataset> Otherwise I was using <set label= and <set value= and those worked fine and show xAxi\s-labels in regular MSCloumn2D.swf chart
  13. Here is a print of data: It is basically pulling Grass daily count from MySQL and plotting date on X -Axis. Again, I am not sure if I am using the correct $strxml as this works fine in Column2D. swf but not in LogMSColumn2D. swf
  14. I cannot get LogMSColumn2D. swf javascript chart in PhP to display the category dates on X-Axis. The feature works fine in non-logarithmic Column2D For the regular I am using : $date = date("D (jS)",strtotime($ors[0])) ; $strXML .= "<set label='".$date."' value='".$ors[1]."' color='00FF00'/>"; $strXML .= ""; For the LogMSColumn2D ( to get chart to display) I am using: $date .= date("D (jS)",strtotime($ors[0])) ; $strXML.="<categories> <category label='".$date."'/>"; $strXML.="</categories>"; $strXML.="<dataset> <set value='".$ors[1]."' color='00FF00'/>"; $strXML.="</dataset>"; $strXML .= ""; What am I missing?