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  1. Hello, Previously I was not getting error while exporting to PNG,JPEG. Now, I am getting error. Please see the attached screen shot. And the chart rendering mode is javascript. Thanks, Rohit
  2. Scale on Y-axis

    Hello, Can we set the scale on Y-axis? You can see in image, y-axis scale is upto 7 and it sets automatically. Can we set this scale by own? Thanks, Rohit
  3. Annotation Image

    Hello, 1. I am trying to set annotaion text for Gauge Chart and its set correctly. But I am unable to set the position of annotation text to the center above the gauge like fusion charts XT which has option of "Caption". As, we are creating charts dynamically and we are not giving any height and width of chart. It automatically increase its width and height according to our defined template design in our application. So, without fixing the position of annotation text, how we can show the annotation text in center just above the gauge like the Fusion XT Charts? 2. Can we just show an annotaion image without having any chart? Thanks, Rohit
  4. Widgets in Windows Form

    Hello, Can we show widgets in Window form application in Let me know whether javascript or flash or both are possible. Thanks, Rohit
  5. Hello, Can we give specific color to any specific bar of column/bar chart and color for line in multi-series line chart? Thanks, Rohit
  6. Customized color of bars

    And also, Sometimes we may need to show the numeric data as % on Y-axis. Is it possible? Thanks, Rohit
  7. Spark Chart

    Hello, Spark line chart is also not loading correct. Xml: <chart caption="Spark Line Mean" palette="2" setAdaptiveYMin="1" exportEnabled ="1" exportAtClient="1" exportHandler="fcBatchExporter"><dataset><set value="8.6"/><set value="9.1"/><set value="8.8"/><set value="8.83"/><set value="9.5"/></dataset></chart> One value is not showing. See attached screen shot. Thanks,
  8. Spark Chart

    Tooltip not showing in flash mode but when i rendered chart as javascript, tooltip is appearing. Kindly look into this. Thanks, Rohit
  9. Spark Chart

    Its working in javascript mode only. How we can display it in flash mode? Please give me a demo if possible. Thanks, Rohit
  10. Heat Map Chart

    Hello, Heat Map chart is not loading correct. Here is xml: <chart><dataset><set rowId='Google' columnId='Mon' value='68'/> <set rowId='Google' columnId='Tue' value='35'/><set rowId='Google' columnId='Wed' value='95'/><set rowId='Yahoo' columnId='Mon' value='0'/> <set rowId='Yahoo' columnId='Tue' value='71'/></dataset></chart> Attached is the screen shot. (Values and background color not coming) If possible, give me a demo. Thanks, Rohit
  11. Heat Map Chart

  12. Spark Chart

    And how we can show tool tip in spark chart? Also, border color, thickness, point colors are not applying in spark chart. Xml: <chart caption="Spark Line" palette="2" borderColor="B6B5B5" openColor="0099FF" closeColor="0099FF" highColor="00CC33" lowColor="FF0000" borderThickness="8" setAdaptiveYMin="1" exportEnabled ="1" exportAtClient="1" exportHandler="fcBatchExporter"><dataset><set value="8.6"/><set value="9.1"/><set value="8.8"/><set value="8.83"/><set value="9.5"/></dataset></chart> Kindly look into this. Thanks, Rohit
  13. Spark Chart

    There are total five values. But only four are visible, if you see the screenshot. Thanks,
  14. Scale on Y-axis

    Give an example, that will help.
  15. Scale on Y-axis

    What this 'numDivLines' attribute do?
  16. Scatter Chart

    Hello, Can we increase the height of scatter points in scatter chart? Thanks, Rohit
  17. Flip axis

    Hello, Is it possible to flip axis in fusion chart? Say X-axis comes in place of Y-axis and vice-versa. Please see the screen shot for reference. Thanks, Rohit
  18. Flip axis

    And also in your example, the new x-axis goes to top. It has to be in bottom. So, what do you think? Thanks, Rohit
  19. Scatter Chart

    See the screenshot for reference.
  20. Flip axis

    But by doing this, I think other things will also flip. For example: Chart Caption, It will also flip. That's what we don't want. Thanks, Rohit
  21. Flip axis

    I just take an example to explain you. I am asking about all of the fusion charts. Is it possible? Thanks, Rohit
  22. Drilldown of Chart

    Hello, How we can drilldown through any chart and the chart coming next on click of any particular point on previous chart will be of any type of chart (By passing Xml string instead of Xml file path/url) ? Thanks, Rohit
  23. Drilldown of Chart

    Thanks for your reply. 1. Can we have a button on chart like back button which is shown if we drill to some level of chart?. As, now I am disposing parent chart and rendering new chart using javacript function. So, I need a button on which I will render parent chart again and dispose the child chart. Is this possible to have button on chart? 2. In our application Charts Id and Charts are creating dynamically. So, when I am drilling a chart using js function and disposing parent chart and rendering new chart, I want the same div id in which parent chart is rendering. So can we do this? As in jquery, if we set 'this' (without quotes) as a parameter to function and bind this function to any element click attribute then we can get current element reference. You can check below: For example: <a onclick='GetId(this)'>Call</a> function GetId(ref) { alert($(ref).text()); } Can we do same like above function to get the reference of current element? Thanks, Rohit
  24. Drilldown of Chart

    Can you please let me know whether fusion chart api provides export functionality for drilldown charts if we goes upto nth level? so, that all charts upto we goes come into one file i.e. jpg or pdf.
  25. Drilldown of Chart

    Sorry to say that but your demo sample for drill-down, which you have given above is not working. When I click on bar for 2004 year, it doesn't load anything and remains as usual. Please look into this. Thanks, Rohit