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  1. We have paid for Fusion Charts and "FusionCharts XT Trial" no longer appears on one of our charts but now appears on a second added chart. Why? I contacted support 3 days ago but have yet to receive a response.
  2. I have a working Gantt chart that displays "Process" items. Each of the process items has a "status" that I would like to display as an icon as opposed to text. Is this possible? Please see attached image.
  3. The draw order of milestone icons changes when milestones overlap depending on date. If milestone A's date is before milestone B's date then Milestone A's icon displays below Milestone B's icon. But if Milestone A is on the same date or later than Milestone B, then Milestone A's icon displays on top of milestone B's icon. Icons should keep their draw order no matter what the date is. (see attached)
  4. milestone draw order problem on Gantt chart

    Then how can I show both markers more clearly? This is not good.
  5. How can I center Task lines and Milestone markers vertically in rows on chart? See attached.
  6. Awesome! That did the trick, thanks!
  7. Every text item on my chart is underlined in Firefox and Chrome but not in IE11. I do NOT want the underlines but cannot figure out how to eliminate them.
  8. I have implemented the ability to export charts via client side. The "Export chart" menu works perfectly fine in Chrome and Firefox as I can select my desired export choice and export the chart accordingly. However, when I attempt to do the same in IE11 I cannot select my export file type from the selection list. The list appears but when I click the "Export chart icon but I cannot select any of the items on the list.
  9. Export chart not working in IE11

    Solved: I had to change the chart width from 100% to 99% as the menu fly-out caused formatting issues.