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  1. paletteColors

    Hi, Please refer this sample for paletteColors in pie chart Thanks
  2. HI I guess you have shared a wrong xml i created a sample out of it the output is simple multi series column chart Try updating the fiddle with your actual xml. Thanks
  3. Waterfall Chart - dotted connector

    Hi Kindly use connectNullData and set to 1 to skip null values. Sample for the same Thanks
  4. Hi Can you please replicate the issue in this sample so that we can assist you accordingly. Thanks
  5. Hi, Sorry currently we don't have any tool to export the entire page.
  6. Body dir="rtl" with a chart makes the page too wide

    Hi We have logged the issue and we will keep you posted on any updates. Thanks
  7. How to migrate Gantt Chart flash to Java Script?

    HI, Please download our latest Version from this link Kindly find the documentation for it Sample in latest Version Thanks
  8. Label order in Radar Chart - clockwise

    Hi, Sorry we don't have any attribute to achieve it .
  9. The chart only shows the span and nothing else

    Hi, I just saw your sample in stackover flow and there is no error in your code but you have placed fusioncharts code inside getGraph() function and i guess you are not calling that function. Kindly verify whether getGraph() function is called or not. Thanks,
  10. 2d coluymn chart on web page

    Hi, The first issue is there is a spelling mistake in your html file you have mentioned as hbay_rain_irriigation.xml and remove the backward slash and the second issue is your data format mscolumn2d doesn't support that format only zoom line supports it. Please find the documentation for mscolumn2d Thanks
  11. Body dir="rtl" with a chart makes the page too wide

    Hi, Yes i tried in normal html page too only change is the chart moves to right side of the screen but the page is not getting wider. Thanks
  12. Setting headers to setXMLUrl

    Hi, Please follow the link I hope this map help you Thanks,
  13. Column 2D Chart doesn't work after redraw.

    Hi, I have just converted your examples into JsFiddle Example 1: Example 2: I didn't get what inconsistent behavior is their in this two example. Can you be more details on your scenario?? Thanks,
  14. Body dir="rtl" with a chart makes the page too wide

    Hi I guess its the problem with JsFiddle even if you are not including the above line you will get a scroll bar in JsFiddle. Try the same code in normal html page their will be no issue in that. Thanks,
  15. Hi, Please ignore updatepanelhook.fusioncharts.js and try with this new solution attached with this post, in this we are trying to reassign the event back to any controller after post back. Hope this helps Update