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  1. Im using ajax to get the json data and render the charts. In crome , it works perfectly fine.But the same is working very slowly in IE11. The charts are rendered few seconds late when compared to crome. Please let me know how to solve this problem.
  2. I'm using multi series chart to display the data. In this there are almost 9 series with different colors. All the colors are specified in the "paletteColors" attribute. But the problem I'm facing is , the anchors which are displayed are not filled and only border of anchor appears .I want the anchors to be filled with the same color as the line. Sample Json and Chart image are attached . Kindly suggest as quickly as possible. Sample Json.txt
  3. I have set auto refresh to get the real time data on dashboard.
  4. I have set auto re-fresh to the div in which the chart is being rendered to 1 minute.When I minimize my browser for more than 1 min and open it, the chart is not being rendered. It simply shows "Loading Charts.Please wait." How to overcome this problem.Please help!!!