Charts rendering slowly in IE11

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Im using ajax to get the json data and render the charts. In crome , it works perfectly fine.But the same is working very slowly in IE11. The charts are rendered few seconds late when compared to crome. Please let me know how to solve this problem.

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There have been various performance improvements made in our latest version i.e. 3.12.2, kindly upgrade to the latest version if you want more optimized performance.

We checked a sample bar chart on IE 11 with 100 data plots using API method of Javascript and the average time taken is 0.5 seconds (approx)

Please note the performance may vary depending on your system configuration.

Also, make sure that while testing the performance you have set animation to 0 at the chart level and asyncRender as 0 at the constructor level.

For reference please check the sample -

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