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  1. Hi, Export chart in IE is not working for PDF, JPG, PNG and SVG format while the Excel works fine. I am able to export in other browsers except IE. Any response highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi
  2. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi, Thank you for you help After changing exportAtClientSide to exportMode it worked. Regards Ravi
  3. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi, On further exploration on IE, when I changed the User agent String in Emulation tab under IE developer tool to Internet Explorer 10 (I am using IE 11), I was able to download the image and pdf formats. Is this the case that export of fusion chart as images and png not supported by IE11? In IE 11, in networks I can see the image in Response body with 0 size but the download is not triggered. Any response is highly appreciated Regards, Ravi
  4. Export charts in IE not working

    Hi, I checked out the sample fiddle. I am trying to implement in angular 4. I am setting exportEnabled as 1 and exportAtClientSide as 1. Also the fusion chart occupies 100% width. The version that I am using is 3.13.4 Thanks Ravi
  5. Hi, Can we display dates data in bar and column charts. I tried but it always shows in thousands. 2013 will be shown as 2k. Is there way to achieve this? Appreciate the response. Regards, rAvi
  6. Display date(2013/07/20) data in x/y axis in bar and columns charts

    Hello Akash, Thanks for the reply. I did try this, however I can see only year displayed not the date and month. 2019-01-04 is being displayed as only 2019. Any other ways to display full date? Appreciate the response. Regards, Ravi
  7. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, I am facing the issue with the below scenario. I have 2 charts rendered in a page. Changing 2nd chart type, is changing the first chart type. Attached are the screenshots for your reference. After investigation found out that, the chart is getting appended to a div with id "container-" just beneath <fusioncharts> tag. Any help is highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi
  8. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hello Ayan, May I know whether this has been fixed in latest version or not? Appreciate your response. Regards, ravi
  9. Hi, If we have the trial version, a message gets displayed saying "Fusion Charts XT Trial". The moment we have licensed version, this just disappears. My requirement is that I want to display a company logo or image at that place. How can I achieve that? Any reply highly appreciated. Regards, Ravi
  10. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Thanks, Akash for your reply. This image works, if I mention the below URL for the LogoURL it doesn't work. https://causeway.com/sites/default/files/favicon.ico
  11. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Hi Akash, Thanks for your reply. In Angular4 we are facing the issue. In javascript it does work.
  12. Company Logo at the place of credit on charts

    Thanks, Akash for the reply. This helped me. But when I import the image, the logo won't be imported. It says, "linked image not found" in the imported image. What needs to be done to get the logo in the imported images?
  13. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hello Ayan, With regards to the same drill down, have one more issue. When I change chart type from AngularGauge to HLinearGauge and vice versa gets this error. core.es5.js:1020 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ' rearextension ' of undefined Please find the below stack trace for your persual. core.es5.js:1020 ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'rearextension' of undefined at a._spaceManager (fusioncharts.widgets.js:456) at a._manageSpace (fusioncharts.js:1033) at a.draw (fusioncharts.js:1041) at Object.k [as job] (fusioncharts.js:1001) at q (fusioncharts.js:39) at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone.js:367) at Object.onInvokeTask (core.es5.js:3881) at ZoneDelegate.invokeTask (zone.js:366) at Zone.runTask (zone.js:166) at ZoneTask.invoke (zone.js:420) at data.args.(anonymous function) (webpack-internal:///./node_modules/zone.js/dist/zone.js:1581:29)
  14. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Hi, In javascript version of Fusioncharts, there was a function to call for the drilldowns like link="JavaScript:myJSFunction('USA', 235);" . Is there any provision available in the angular2 version as well? Regards, Ravi
  15. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Thanks Ayan. May I know when this release will happen? The support for different chart types renders in first chart place, if we have multiple charts. I believe this is also going to be fixed and released in the 3.13.0 version?
  16. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Hi Ayan, Follow up with this, have some other issue. Have attached the video for the same. If a chart has no drill down, we do display a message to inform a user it doesn't have drill down. When the export at client option is been enabled, it displays the drop down on hower of the chart export icon. If the chart data plot has large data and displays beneath the export drop down, clicking on the export drop down it triggers the drill down wherein it should not trigger the action on data plot. However, it does download the chart along with triggering the action on data plot. Kindly refer the attached video for the same for your reference. export.wmv
  17. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi Ayan, Any updates on this, please?
  18. Cylinder not rendering the chart

    Hi, I am using angular 4 and trying to render the cylinder chart. Chart level remains at 0 But for javascript version, the same works fine. Please find the below links for your reference. http://jsfiddle.net/Lxz2T/712/ Regards, Ravi
  19. Cylinder not rendering the chart

    Hi, Thanks for the reply. I should be changing mine JSON format to get the cylinder working. You mean, the dials and pointer values for the cylinder are no more supported. I have an older version with me, in which cylinder works with dials and pointer values. For the Angular gauge, need to use dials and pointers. But in angular2 and latest javascript version, that's been deprecated.
  20. Changing chart type dynamically

    Thanks, Ayan. Waiting for the update so that we can get it moved to next level.
  21. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Thanks for noting the issue. These chart container id's will be generated dynamically by fusioncharts. We don't do anything for these. I am trying to find through source code, however not able to find out the code. Found for span within div, but not for the div itself. Regards, Ravi
  22. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hello, Thanks for the reply. Sincere apologies, as I cannot provide you a sample. Please find the attached screen shots of DOM showing what happens when I change the chart type of second one. Possibly could give some hint. If you please look into the first image, div with id="container-" just beneath fusioncharts tag has a span with id="chartobject-6" for first chart and id="chartobject7" for second chart respectively. When I change chart type for second chart, the span with id="chartobject-6" gets replaced with "chartobject-7" which is content of second chart and second chart's span will just disappear.
  23. Changing chart type dynamically

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I am using angular2 fusion charts. I am updating the chart type for the second chart. The dom shows the proper data. But the div with id "container-" will get replaced with the latest data. I mean the second chart data get's replaced with the first one. And the div with id "container-" will be empty for the second chart. I have no live application to share the URL, since still in development. I can share the DOM screen shot, if needed.
  24. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Thank you so much Ayan. This helped me a lot...
  25. Drilldown in Angular2 version

    Hello Ayan, Any help is highly appreciated..