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  1. hi i m new to angularjs. kindly let me know why i get a compile error. angularjs.html contains the code . also i want to know if i want to fetch data from database then how do i write the code. Please correct me if i m wrong . I m new to angular js and angular. i m still learning. How to test in angular2.Code for the same. Angular_js.html
  2. Dear FusionCharts Team, I have few queries related to mscolumn2d chart and msline chart. 1) I want to extend the y-axis limit range in both the multiseries chart and also have customised divisions like 1 then 1.5 , 2 then 2.5 , and so on. The range needs to be extended and subdivsion of lines should be 1 then 1.25 2 then 2.5 and so on , customize it. 2) currently i have y-axis values like 0 , 0.5 , 1 and 1.5 , 2 and so on but i need them as a percentage like 5%, 20% , 10%, 15%. i am taking data from database. 3) Can we have dual y-axis in a multicolumn or multiseries chart , two sides of a graph. in the image attached for actual change% and for predicted change% we need dual y-axis , is it possible to get this. 4)Is there a possibility to use a magnifying point/highlight a point in the msline graph at a certain point inside the graph. kindly help me with these points and let me know if we you need any clarification on these.
  3. Change of values in y axis

    Dear Akash and team , As suggested by you , in order to have a dual y-axis i have added the code . But I do not get the dual y-axis lines , somewhere I am going wrong, secondly i need the vline and trendline at a perticular position here in 20% i need a trendline, and i have written the code for that , still the trendline in column2d chart is not getting plotted. Kindly check my code. i have also attached my queries and the image output that i m getting currently in the zip file . kindly rectify me this is important and urgent. my requirement is that i need trendline at 20% for the column2d chart and dual y-axis on both sides of the column2d chart. i have written the code for that.please check. your help would be appreciated.
  4. Dear FusionCharts Team, I am trying to create a msline chart in fusion using javascript fetching data from database. But a blank screen with the error defined "uncaught exception, cannot read property call" is populated. Please have a look with fusioncharts sample attachment.
  5. I need to build a multiseries chart by adding a datepicker and changing the graph by populating the from and to date in the date picker and refreshing the chart accordingly. Kindly help.
  6. I am plotting a multiseries chart using data from database in java . The Chart attributes that I put are as follows: I have around 2880 points to plot.(Atleast 1000 minimum) for which i need scrollbars. currently the poits are all clustered and not visible. chartConfig.put("theme", "fusion"); chartConfig.put("caption", "Countries With Most Oil Reserves [2017-18]"); chartConfig.put("subCaption", "In MMbbl = One Million barrels"); chartConfig.put("xAxisName", "Country"); chartConfig.put("yAxisName", "Reserves (MMbbl)"); chartConfig.put("linethickness", "3"); chartConfig.put("flatScrollBars", "1"); chartConfig.put("scrollheight", "10"); chartConfig.put("numVisiblePlot", "12"); chartConfig.put("showHoverEffect", "1"); chartobj.put("paletteColors", "#0075c2,#1aaf5d"); chartobj.put("bgcolor", "#ffffff"); chartobj.put("showBorder", "1"); categories.add(buildCategories("datetime", rs, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Y_actual","y_actual", rs1, gson)); dataset.add(buildDataset("Y_hat", "y_predicted", rs2, gson)); dataMap.put("chart", gson.toJson(chartobj)); dataMap.put("categories", gson.toJson(categories)); dataMap.put("dataset", gson.toJson(dataset)); FusionCharts mslineChart= new FusionCharts( "msline",// chartType "chart1",// chartId "700","400",// chartWidth, chartHeight "chart",// chartContainer "json",// dataFormat gson.toJson(dataMap) //dataSource ); Scrollbar is not getting implemented in the chart . kindly suggest.
  7. Thanks Akash . Yes I did notice that change , but I thought there might be some other alternate to it. So As you mentioned earlier multiseries charts cannot have a scroll. Please let me know if there are many points in a multiseries chart , what can be done as an alternate to view all the points in a page ,as tbere are 2880 points to be plotted for the multiseries. Your help would greatly be appreciated.
  8. Dear Team, This is a sample scrollline2d chart code written in java referenced from one of your examples . On executing this I do not get the scrollline and displays "No data is visisble " in the browser. kindly verifythe code sample <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1" pageEncoding="ISO-8859-1"%> <%@page import="java.util.*" %> <%@page import="com.FusionCharts" %> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1"> <title>FusionCharts | My First Chart</title> <script src=""></script> <script src=""></script> </head> <body> <div id="chart"></div> <% // store chart config name-config value pair Map<String, String> chartConfig = new HashMap<String, String>(); chartConfig.put("theme", "fusion"); chartConfig.put("caption", "Dates [2017-18]"); chartConfig.put("subCaption", "In MMbbl = One Million barrels"); chartConfig.put("xAxisName", "Dates"); chartConfig.put("yAxisName", "values"); chartConfig.put("linethickness", "3"); chartConfig.put("flatScrollBars", "1"); chartConfig.put("scrollheight", "10"); chartConfig.put("numVisiblePlot", "12"); chartConfig.put("showHoverEffect", "1"); // chartConfig.put("numberSuffix", "k"); //store label-value pair Map<String, Integer> dataValuePair = new HashMap<String, Integer>(); dataValuePair.put("1994", 15622); dataValuePair.put("1995", 10612); dataValuePair.put("1996", 15820); dataValuePair.put("1997", 26723); dataValuePair.put("1998", 35415); dataValuePair.put("1999", 25555); dataValuePair.put("2000", 81803); dataValuePair.put("2001", 47950); dataValuePair.put("2002", 19435); dataValuePair.put("2003", 9780); dataValuePair.put("2004", 23243); dataValuePair.put("2005", 28619); dataValuePair.put("2006", 8477); dataValuePair.put("2007", 3503); dataValuePair.put("2008", 14278); dataValuePair.put("2009", 30522); dataValuePair.put("2010", 61518); dataValuePair.put("2011", 24819); dataValuePair.put("2012", 16437); dataValuePair.put("2013", 21171); dataValuePair.put("2014", 1690); dataValuePair.put("2015", 2418); dataValuePair.put("2016", 11253); dataValuePair.put("2017", 11260); StringBuilder jsonData = new StringBuilder(); StringBuilder data = new StringBuilder(); // json data to use as chart data source jsonData.append("{'chart':{"); for (Map.Entry conf : chartConfig.entrySet()) { jsonData.append("'" + conf.getKey() + "':'" + conf.getValue() + "',"); } jsonData.replace(jsonData.length() - 1, jsonData.length(), "},"); // build data object from label-value pair data.append("'data':["); for (Map.Entry pair : dataValuePair.entrySet()) { data.append("{'label':'" + pair.getKey() + "','value':'" + pair.getValue() + "'},"); } data.replace(data.length() - 1, data.length(), "]"); jsonData.append(data.toString()); jsonData.append("}"); // Create chart instance // charttype, chartID, width, height,containerid, data format, data FusionCharts firstChart = new FusionCharts("scrollline2d", "first_chart", "700", "400", "chart", "json", jsonData.toString()); %> <%= firstChart.render() %> </body> </html>