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Found 3 results

  1. Transparent Chart

    Could you please tell me how to create a FusionCharts chart with transparent background? I tried several documented background property combinations without luck... For comparison, the following chart shows whatever background color finds behind the pie: Thank you so much, Cristian
  2. Alpha for Candlestick?

    How do you set the opacity for candlestick series? For most other chart types, I used plotFillAlpha, but this does not seem to apply to candlesticks. I also tried bull/bearfillalpha, hoping there is one for bull/bearfillcolor. What I am looking for is to set semi-transparent series colors for all candle bodies from candlestick charts. Much appreciate it, -Cristian
  3. Hi, I am using the "stackedbar2d" chart as in the following jsfiddler If you notice, in the dataset = "PERCENTAGE", I am using "alpha"=0, and plotbordercolor="#FFFFFF". But still, I can see border around this dataset, before upgrading it used to work. Another thing, the first dataset, the border is not showing completely, it is breaking from start. Please see details in the image below. So, My main Issues: 1. Incomplete border in the first Datset 2. Alpha attribute in last dataset.