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Found 3 results

  1. hello,I'm a chinese,english is poor. i find some issue that use fusion charts. 1.I use the 'ishtml' property to categorie.when just one categorie,it's useful. but two or more categories,it doesn't work. 2.other question,when use StackedColumn3D.swf ,the subCaption can't display.but use other Multi-Series Charts(like MSColumn3D.swf ),the subCaption show. please help me to look the question, thanks again. there is data file. can't click data.txt can click data.txt
  2. Hello, I just started exploring FushionCharts XT today and curious is a routine in get current date to display in the xml chart subcaption property. This would be very useful display when printing multiple reports per customer. I realize will have to also create an element containing the customer id. Thanks Mactire
  3. This problem seems to have started about 30 days ago. We noticed that our 2D Stacked column charts stopped displaying subcaptions for Flash installations. The same charts have been running fine for 2 years and our other charts, like Pie Charts, are working fine. However, our 2d Stacked column charts will not display subcaptions when viewed with Flash. The same 2D Stacked Column charts work fine when viewed with jscript. We have noticed this with IE, Firefox and Chrome browsers.