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Problem With Fusioncharts.js Include?

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We have a content page which uses a master page and when we include the FusionCharts.js file we get the following error on page load: -


Microsoft JScript runtime error: Sys.ArgumentException: An element with id 'form1' could not be found.

Parameter name: elementOrElementId


this error is raised within the following script block: -


$type.resolveElement = function DomElement$resolveElement(elementOrElementId, containerElement) {

/// <summary locid="M:J#Sys.UI.DomElement.resolveElement">Returns the element with the specified Id in the specified container, or the element if it is already an element.</summary>

/// <param name="elementOrElementId" mayBeNull="true"></param>

/// <param name="containerElement" domElement="true" optional="true" mayBeNull="true"></param>

/// <returns domElement="true"></returns>

var e = Function._validateParams(arguments, [

{name: "elementOrElementId", mayBeNull: true},

{name: "containerElement", mayBeNull: true, domElement: true, optional: true}


if (e) throw e;

var el = elementOrElementId;

if (!el) return null;

if (typeof(el) === "string") {

el = Sys.get("#" + el, containerElement);

if (!el) {

throw Error.argument("elementOrElementId", String.format(Sys.Res.elementNotFound, elementOrElementId));



else if(!Sys.UI.DomElement.isDomElement(el)) {

throw Error.argument("elementOrElementId", Sys.Res.expectedElementOrId);


return el;



Our graph will build without issues and we get the error even when removing the graph from the page, any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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Guest Angshu

Hi Andy,


Thanks for your post.


Could you please share with us a scaled down sample so that we can check and debug directly?


Awaiting for your response.

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