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Javascript call from JSNI

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I'm trying to use some functions from FusionCharts.js using JSNI .


Can some one give some short example on it ?


Add the following method in your GWT Canvas class:

public native String embedFusionCharts(String chartParams)/*-{

chart = new $wnd.FusionCharts("FusionCharts/Column3D.swf",

"chart1Id", "800", "400", "0", "1");





Just call the above embedFusionCharts method with the required parameters from where you want to embed it.

Please note that I have hardcoded the params here. You would need to put in the chartParams variable instead.


In your html, you would have to include FusionCharts.js in the head section.

This code has been tested with SmartGWT.


Hope this helps one and all.

Keep FusionCharting!


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I am trying to use Linked Chart with smartgwt i used both swfobject and smartgwt Flashlet as a wrapper however for both i get the same error:

following is a copy from firebug the error is orphan event and it seems that the event manager couldn't find or identify the DOM object your help would be appreciated

please note that every thing work fine for the chart but when i click on link to drill down nothing happen.



["linkedchartinvoked", undefined, Object { linkType="XMLURL", data="DataLoader?data=1&year=2012"}]


0 "linkedchartinvoked"


1 undefined


2 Object { linkType="XMLURL", data="DataLoader?data=1&year=2012"}


c undefined


d Object { linkType="XMLURL", data="DataLoader?data=1&year=2012"}


data "DataLoader?data=1&year=2012"


linkType "XMLURL"


e "linkedchartinvoked"


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